17 June 2013

WIN To The Wonder On DVD And A £500 Spa Gift Voucher!

To celebrate the release of To The Wonder on DVD and Blu-ray now, we are offering you the chance to win a copy of the DVD and a Sofitel St James So SPA gift voucher worth £500.

To The Wonder is the beautiful and acclaimed latest offering from Terrence Malick, the legendary director of The Tree of Life, Badlands and Days of Heaven. The film is centred on Neil (Ben Affleck, Argo), a man who is torn between two loves: Marina (Olga Kurylenko, Quantum of Solace), the European woman who comes to United States to be with him, and Jane (Rachel McAdams, Midnight in Paris), the old flame he reconnects with from his hometown. Neil’s doubts about his life and loves are reflected in the crisis of faith experienced by Father Quintana (Javier Bardem, Skyfall), who only sees pain and the loss of hope in the world.

Academy Award nominated Director, Terrence Malick is renowned for making brilliant and unique films using unconventional methods, and To The Wonder is no different. Here Malick explores how love and its many phases and seasons – passion, sympathy, obligation, sorrow, indecision – can transform, destroy and reinvent lives. To be in with a chance of winning this amazing prize, simply answer the question below.

For more information on To The Wonder, click here.

To The Wonder is available to buy on DVD and Blu-Ray now.


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Jean Parker (Mon Jun 17 12:52:50 BST 2013): The film sounds wonderful - I love emotional love stories with lots of twists & turns. I also love Spa days. Great prize!
Maureen Kelly (Mon Jun 17 15:32:49 BST 2013): thanks wonderful prize.
Bill Halfacree (Mon Jun 17 16:18:30 BST 2013): nice
Judith Lightfoot (Mon Jun 17 18:48:29 BST 2013): The perfect combination for a girlie staycation!
Sarah Bowen (Mon Jun 17 19:11:51 BST 2013): Great thank you.
Amanda Nutbean (Mon Jun 17 21:24:41 BST 2013): sound like a great movie and a great prize.
Amey Brooks-Richardson (Mon Jun 17 21:44:14 BST 2013): sounds s great romantic film to watch with my boyfriend.
Pamela Hutchinson (Tue Jun 18 06:58:08 BST 2013): Love romantic films, and the spa days would be great, lovely prize x.
Tracey M Chalkley (Tue Jun 18 10:13:32 BST 2013): I love spa days and love stories, the perfect prize :-)
Kerry A Chaston (Tue Jun 18 10:49:24 BST 2013): Fab prize thank you :) x.
Mary Miles (Tue Jun 18 15:01:45 BST 2013): I like the sound of the movie, but love the sound of the £500 Spa Gift Voucher more!
Patricia Bucknall (Tue Jun 18 17:08:42 BST 2013): Think I could cope with this prize!
Ellen Ervine Kay (Tue Jun 18 19:11:03 BST 2013): Is it just my browser? How exactly does one enter?
Jackie Morgan (Tue Jun 18 19:50:31 BST 2013): I'd love to watch the film with my husband Chris, in the spa to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary on 12th September. x
Denise Walker (Tue Jun 18 21:00:17 BST 2013): fingers crossed
Stav Theo (Tue Jun 18 21:12:59 BST 2013): just stunning!
Debbie Meredith (Tue Jun 18 22:00:25 BST 2013): How do I enter the competition?
Annette Slater (Tue Jun 18 23:12:43 BST 2013): I think I would definitely go on a mu and daughter date to the spa if I won this amazing prize.
Mo Hook (Wed Jun 19 00:33:06 BST 2013): The film looks fantastic and a great snuggle-upper on the sofa!
Jane Adams (Wed Jun 19 00:36:07 BST 2013): a lovely prize.
Pandy Baxter (Wed Jun 19 07:36:19 BST 2013): fabulous prize
Oonagh Wood (Wed Jun 19 07:43:16 BST 2013): Fingers crossed
Katherine Lawson (Wed Jun 19 08:23:43 BST 2013): I don't see the competition question.. but I'd love to enter to win!
Nicki Rawson (Wed Jun 19 08:51:36 BST 2013): where's the question? Ok, I'll do it. Would you like to win this? Yes please.
Vicky Hills (Wed Jun 19 11:21:59 BST 2013): How do you win? Well I would love this prize!
Cheryl Price Kean (Wed Jun 19 11:40:05 BST 2013): cant find a entry page or a question! but would love to be entered to win please xxx. cheryl_kean@yahoo.co.uk
Wayne Howard (Wed Jun 19 11:48:37 BST 2013): Quantum of Solace.
Jo Carroll (Wed Jun 19 12:21:54 BST 2013): Please count me in...I'll probably forget to check back in time when you put the question up ;).
Christina Palmer (Wed Jun 19 12:22:12 BST 2013): Would love to win this prize - not sure how to enter so any advice welcome as can't see entry formThanks.
Pete Belcher (Wed Jun 19 13:34:09 BST 2013): No entry form or Question.
Desiree Atkinson (Wed Jun 19 13:59:19 BST 2013): Does posting a comment count as an entry?
Sharon Day (Wed Jun 19 14:25:35 BST 2013): Looks amazing!
Heather Playdon (Wed Jun 19 14:50:34 BST 2013): Gorgeous prize. The film would be watched at the end of a very relaxing day with my husband. We're like ships that pass in the night so we desperately need a date together!
Angela Farrey (Wed Jun 19 14:52:18 BST 2013): The film sounds great would watch with hubby of 25 years x
Hazel Markland (Wed Jun 19 20:55:47 BST 2013): Me tooooo would love to win but can't see how to enter x please enter me thanks xx ;0)
Irene Johnston (Thu Jun 20 01:39:45 BST 2013): Fantastic prize, fingers crossed x.
Tracy Wehrle Scutt (Thu Jun 20 07:59:39 BST 2013): A little pampering and relaxation would be amazing.x.
Marie Steele (Fri Jun 21 22:38:26 BST 2013): A bit of romance will do no harm :-) fingers crossed
Karen Osborne (Sat Jun 22 15:26:46 BST 2013): Sounds brill fingers crossed!!
Carol Clifton (Sun Jun 23 19:13:11 BST 2013): Film sounds amazing. Great prize thanks :-)
Viv Allman-Neal (Mon Jun 24 11:18:23 BST 2013): lovely :)
Peter Davidson (Mon Jun 24 14:16:12 BST 2013): Yes please
Blind Bob Stoker (Mon Jun 24 14:36:42 BST 2013): I am Blind and therefore need to use the computer with the aid of specialized software so in actual fact a DVD is of no use to me however I am currently the only Blind guy in the world to drive a train so if I win wiould you mind terribly if I raffle it off to raise funds here's a link to my next charity event https://www.facebook.com/groups/334104363348327/.
Helen Dent (Mon Jun 24 16:49:38 BST 2013): ooohh how exciting , really hoping for the SPA VOUCHER think how relaxed I'd be......what an amazing prize , passed it on to my firends too.
Malika Salman (Mon Jun 24 20:19:27 BST 2013): Gimme! ;) ♥
Wendy Frances Mann (Tue Jun 25 07:53:08 BST 2013): Fantastic, great prize too.
Wendy Guy (Wed Jun 26 17:16:38 BST 2013): Seems like a great movie and the spa, well its just tremendous.
Diane Bowron (Sat Jul 20 07:28:08 BST 2013): In need of some serious spa treatment!
Margaret Blewitt (Sat Jul 20 10:57:01 BST 2013): Nice prizes
Sylvia Watts (Wed Sep 04 01:14:05 BST 2013): I would like to treat my hubby with the spa vouchers as he has nursed me through cancer and even though I am still being diagnosed with other stuff he stand by me and looks after me I can't afford to buy him something nice as we both had to give up work me because of the cancer and nic to look after me .. And I would like to cuddle up to him in bed and watch the movie as I am 50 this year
Laura Taylor (Fri Feb 28 21:05:12 GMT 2014): Everybody lives a spa. The ultimate way to chill ut and relax with friends