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WIN The Official TV BAFTAs Goodie Bag Packed With A-List Treats!

WIN The Official TV BAFTAs Goodie Bag Packed With A-List Treats!

Ever wondered what all the stars get in the official TV BAFTAs goodie bag and wished you could have one of your very own? Well look no further! Celebrity hairdresser Mark Hill is this year’s Official Hair Stylist for the glamorous event, which takes place on Sunday 12th May, and has teamed up with Grazia Daily to offer one lucky winner an exclusive nominee gift bag.

The wonderful collection of coveted items have been kindly donated from all the official Television Award partners which include prizes from Mark Hill, St Tropez, MAC, House of Fraser, Hotel Chocolate, Villa Maria, Evian, The Corinthia Hotel, CARAT, Accessorize, Champagne Taittinger, 88 Rue Du Rhone, Chapter Hotel and Hotel Chocolat!

All you need do is answer the question below to be in with a chance of winning... 


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Sophia Backhouse (Wed Apr 24 18:12:46 BST 2013): You have made a typing error here you put: "event, which takes place on Sunday 12th May" in the paragraph at the top. And "Sunday 13th of May" for the option Just thought I would point that out.
Gina Mallon (Wed Apr 24 20:25:38 BST 2013): Typing error! I think me and Sophia should win since we noticed!
Adrian Baggins (Wed Apr 24 20:26:36 BST 2013): yes it is the 12th of may.
Lorraine Thompson (Wed Apr 24 20:27:57 BST 2013): Yes I have seen the date too?
Alison Reid (Wed Apr 24 20:34:30 BST 2013): Likewise - it should read Sunday 12th May - the celebrities won't be pleased if there is a diary mix-up!
Rebecca Abigail Flynn (Wed Apr 24 20:34:35 BST 2013): Sunday is the 12th not the 13th (as stated above in the answers).
Maureen Kelly (Wed Apr 24 21:14:04 BST 2013): 12 May!
Michelle Best (Wed Apr 24 21:38:48 BST 2013): Sure its the 12th.....but hey everyone makes mistakes....me included.
Joanne Mortlock (Wed Apr 24 22:07:57 BST 2013): wow please
Ava Gayl MacKinnon (Wed Apr 24 22:10:11 BST 2013): Noting that you have already been alerted to the incorrect date, I hope we will all be in the draw anyway!
Mags Goode (Wed Apr 24 22:31:00 BST 2013): 12th may :)
Anne-Marie Taylor (Wed Apr 24 22:39:27 BST 2013): Lovely!
Leanne Abel (Wed Apr 24 23:15:10 BST 2013): I would love to win this!
Pamela Hutchinson (Thu Apr 25 00:05:29 BST 2013): I would love to win this, typing error or not... 12th May
Kirstie Kenton (Thu Apr 25 07:25:13 BST 2013): Sunday 13th May.
Julie Perry (Thu Apr 25 08:15:39 BST 2013): 12th May...hope I entered ok....got no confirmation.
Brian Harrington (Thu Apr 25 08:49:52 BST 2013): You have put the date in the options incorrectly.. should read 12th May not 13th.
Sue Cook (Thu Apr 25 09:08:42 BST 2013): Just pointing out it's Sunday 12th May, fantastic prize, thanks for the chance of winning, fingers crossed.
Keith Hall (Thu Apr 25 10:05:21 BST 2013): I think its Sunday the 28th. April not 13th. May
Plain Jayne No Nonsense (Thu Apr 25 10:06:00 BST 2013): 12th May 13th is on Monday.
Margaret Hall (Thu Apr 25 10:12:34 BST 2013): No don't be silly - its Sunday 12th. May-Men don't check the date.
Emma Black (Thu Apr 25 11:05:51 BST 2013): Epic Fail - It's Sunday 12th May not the 13th... Now who's getting detention for that mistake? :-)
Becky Morgan (Thu Apr 25 12:46:32 BST 2013): Would absolutely ♥ to win this!
Kerry A Chaston (Thu Apr 25 13:02:25 BST 2013): The correct date is the 12th but selected the 13th as the 12th wasn't an option :) x.
Suzanne La-Fay (Thu Apr 25 13:47:31 BST 2013): Would be nice to win this might give me a boost up after the rubbish I have been through :)
Judith Lightfoot (Thu Apr 25 14:47:49 BST 2013): What a wonderful combination of items in one prize! Thank you
Nelly Welsh (Thu Apr 25 15:39:11 BST 2013): amazing prize love it.
Barbara Knowles (Thu Apr 25 15:59:43 BST 2013): you have to answer a question to sign up. There seems to be a bit of a conflict here. It states that the event will happen on the 12th May, but the choices for the answers all have the 13th. Where is the mistake in the text or in the choices?/.
Barbara Knowles (Thu Apr 25 16:00:46 BST 2013): is it the 12th or the 13th of may lol. wont bother participating in this now. Good luck to all taking part in this.
Frances Saunders (Thu Apr 25 16:03:30 BST 2013): Don't like to create a spoiler to the "Bafta" prize but the date on the blurb is Sunday 12th and the series of answers to choose from has got Sunday the 13th, or is that supposed to be to confuse us...me?
Susan Martin (Thu Apr 25 16:09:38 BST 2013): super prize giveawayx.
Rosalind Sargent (Thu Apr 25 16:43:14 BST 2013): Sure its the 12th...but entered 13th....as there was no other option.
Nicky Elizabeth Price (Thu Apr 25 17:23:52 BST 2013): The answer is the 12th of May, but you have put the wrong dates,
Nicola Rowe (Thu Apr 25 20:08:29 BST 2013): Hi, its Sunday 12th May, what a great prize. x
Erika Higginson (Thu Apr 25 20:12:48 BST 2013): What a fab prize I would love one of these
Aileen Brannigan Finnegan (Thu Apr 25 22:05:16 BST 2013): It is the 12 not the 13th A mistake. A fabulous Prizeeee I would love to win it. (Thank You) :) xx
Gabriella Lopez (Fri Apr 26 07:09:44 BST 2013): Sunday 12th and not Sunday 13th as specified in multiple choice.
Janine Phillips (Fri Apr 26 08:46:09 BST 2013): Sunday 12th and not Sunday 13th x.
Marie Watling (Fri Apr 26 10:36:21 BST 2013): Yr put wrong date, checked and it 12th unless yr American x.
Tim Roper (Fri Apr 26 10:53:15 BST 2013): It's the wrong date! Sunday 12th May 2013.
Carla Maloney (Fri Apr 26 23:36:41 BST 2013): Entered and <3.
Tracy Hanson (Sun Apr 28 10:29:55 BST 2013): What a great competition. Good luck to everyone x.
Pamela Hutchinson (Sun Apr 28 20:35:37 BST 2013): Date now changed to 12th, hope they allow entries given the only option of the 13th?
Colette Booth (Sun Apr 28 20:42:42 BST 2013): omg
Linda Kay (Tue Apr 30 17:40:39 BST 2013): To die for
Ann Sargent (Wed May 01 08:39:21 BST 2013): Never won with Grazia. Fingers crossed again!
Melissa Smith (Thu May 02 14:42:15 BST 2013): I would go crazy for one of goodie bags. A girl can dream :)
Fiona Montgomery (Thu May 02 20:59:37 BST 2013): Oh I would love this :)
Vicki Macdonald (Sat May 04 19:13:59 BST 2013): Its sunday 12th may & the question has dissapeared so please enter me :)
Ian Pick Snr (Sun May 05 17:01:16 BST 2013): Love to win this for my gorgeous wife xx.
Val Rush (Sun May 05 18:47:03 BST 2013): Lovely
Lynda Avery (Mon May 06 20:51:12 BST 2013): me, me, mimi mimi mimi please me! Lol I hope I win but so deos everyone, good luck y'all.
Lila B Taylor (Mon May 06 21:36:36 BST 2013): amazing! fantastic! xx
Ian Spall (Tue May 07 12:06:04 BST 2013): great prize
Robina Laird (Tue May 07 17:25:44 BST 2013): Sunday 12th May.
Marie F Nicklin (Tue May 07 22:47:41 BST 2013): Hi I know it is the Sunday the 12th May is there an error never mind good luck everyone ;).
Catherine Clements (Tue May 14 08:57:34 BST 2013): I deserve a bafta because am a drama queen.
Annette Slater (Tue Jun 18 23:29:20 BST 2013): OMG! I used to say to my husband that these bags would be the best perks to being a celeb! wow wow wow I cant believe they have actually got hold of one to give away!