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WIN The Nominee Goodie Bag For The EE BAFTA Film Awards 2013 With Disaronno

WIN The Nominee Goodie Bag For The EE BAFTA Film Awards 2013 With Disaronno

The nominations were announced on Wednesday - and today Grazia Daily has the perfect way for our dear readers to feel part of this year's BAFTA Film Awards. Yep, we've teamed up with the world’s favourite Italian liqueur DISARONNO, who are hosting the event's star-studded after-party at the Grosvenor House Hotel, to give you the chance to win the very goodie bag presented to the nominees.

The Awards take place in London on Sunday 10th February, hosted by Stephen Fry, when DISARONNO will be interviewing special guests on the red carpet ahead of the after-party. You can catch all the highlights at www.facebook.com/Disaronno and get live updates from the night on Twitter by following @Disaronno_UK.

But back to the goodie bag, one winner will receive the bag packed with various delights includiing an Escada silk scarf, wine tasting experience at the Villa Maria Estate, nights stay at the Evian Royal Resort, Charles Worthington & Lancôme products, Cocorose London ballet pumps and a Timothy Han candle. Yes please!

All you need do to be in with a chnace of winning is answer the question below...



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Patricia Porter (Sat Jan 12 00:42:30 GMT 2013): FANTASIC COMPETITION PRIZES HERE!
Marie Watling (Sat Jan 12 01:23:17 GMT 2013): thank you
Beverley Smith (Sat Jan 12 03:33:13 GMT 2013): Thank you
Susan Martin (Sat Jan 12 06:57:33 GMT 2013): wow! super prize giveaway fingers and toes crossed x.
Maureen Kelly (Sat Jan 12 09:33:55 GMT 2013): fantastico thanks.
Theresa Rees (Sat Jan 12 10:32:33 GMT 2013): Wow - what a prize and to think all those stars get given these - lucky or what! Would love to win this!
Sue Dyke (Sat Jan 12 10:55:46 GMT 2013): Gotta B in it to win it.
Kevin Muers (Sat Jan 12 11:12:32 GMT 2013): my wife would just love this :-)
Andy Melrose (Sat Jan 12 12:15:20 GMT 2013): Great prize...make you feel like a film star!
Michelle Ptak (Sat Jan 12 15:10:45 GMT 2013): Fantastic Prize.. Good luck everyone x.
Emma Louise Dunn (Sat Jan 12 15:17:34 GMT 2013): Oh my god, id love to win!
Jenny Miller (Sat Jan 12 15:26:04 GMT 2013): Fabulous prize
Carole Sullivan (Sat Jan 12 15:35:19 GMT 2013): Would love this
Marie Bishop (Sat Jan 12 15:40:34 GMT 2013): what a wonderful chance to win this prize, thankyou and good luck everyone :)
Andy Melrose (Sat Jan 12 17:22:30 GMT 2013): In case anyone is wondering..... Alison uses my account on occasion for stuff like this.
Wendy Scott-Brent (Sat Jan 12 19:24:39 GMT 2013): So you don't have an alter ego then?
Kim Wilkes (Sat Jan 12 19:30:48 GMT 2013): wow this prize is mind blowing! (: xo
Andy Melrose (Sat Jan 12 19:32:06 GMT 2013): Only on public holidays Wendy!
Charlene W Smith (Sat Jan 12 20:14:48 GMT 2013): <3 fingers crossed.
Simon Perkins (Sat Jan 12 20:48:10 GMT 2013): Great competition best of luck to everyone
Zara Zazakaboomie Taylor (Sun Jan 13 11:01:09 GMT 2013): super duper prize!
Sarah Ridley (Sun Jan 13 14:02:22 GMT 2013): what an amazing prize! :) good luck everyone x.
Sheila Glass (Sun Jan 13 14:15:39 GMT 2013): The best goodie bag ever!
George Pow (Sun Jan 13 14:54:53 GMT 2013): what a great selection of goody`s.
Roy Brittain (Sun Jan 13 17:12:08 GMT 2013): Would be great to win this and feel like a star
Chris Blackburn (Sun Jan 13 18:12:37 GMT 2013): A wonderful prize for meeeeeeeeee............
Mark Taylor (Sun Jan 13 20:29:07 GMT 2013): hope I win my partner has just had twins and feels realy down this would cheer her up no end fingers crossed.
Linda Lou (Mon Jan 14 01:47:00 GMT 2013): just be so wonderful to have a chance to win...
Sheila Jewiss (Mon Jan 14 14:37:43 GMT 2013): This wonderful prize is just like Disaronno - Brilliant Amazing Fantastic Terrific Awesome.
Sharon Mandary (Tue Jan 15 10:32:46 GMT 2013): fab prize! good luck all!
Olwyn Thresh (Tue Jan 15 20:04:38 GMT 2013): To win this prize, I could make myself beautiful again for my husband.
Spidér Avfc (Wed Jan 16 18:57:24 GMT 2013): What a fabulous prize to beat the winter blues!
Bradley Tomlinson (Mon Jan 21 21:39:25 GMT 2013): now that's a goodie bag x.
Elaine Powell (Tue Jan 22 21:39:24 GMT 2013): Wow amazing prizeI would love to share it with my sisters.
Amelia Avossa (Thu Jan 24 14:56:11 GMT 2013): A DREAM WIN RIGHT THERE <3 ENTERED.
Lisa Ann Tebbutt (Sun Jan 27 18:24:37 GMT 2013): wow whata prize :) thank u.
Trish Ashbridge (Sun Jan 27 22:12:23 GMT 2013): WOW..What a great prize so fingers crossed thank you x.
Fi Dennick (Sun Jan 27 22:43:19 GMT 2013): Cool
David Barry Thomas (Mon Jan 28 07:37:12 GMT 2013): Fab fab fab
Sian Griffiths (Wed Jan 30 21:51:18 GMT 2013): Not that I'm ungrateful but an hour with Stephen Fry would top this prize off, he's such a witty man.
Ann Sargent (Sat Feb 02 08:10:01 GMT 2013): I wish I was lucky this time. Thank you!
Ellie Jacobs (Mon Feb 04 21:34:12 GMT 2013): I would feel like I was there winning LOL x great prize.
Barbara Cowley (Tue Feb 05 13:30:02 GMT 2013): Super pzize
Alyson Chapman (Wed Feb 06 10:40:48 GMT 2013): Ooh, yes please! What a fantastic prize!
Hayley Louise Colburn (Thu Feb 07 11:25:10 GMT 2013): my god! that's gotta be the worlds most expensive goody bag ever! fingers crossed, I don't actually know what I'd do if I won but I'm guessing that champagne would be the first thing used xxx.
Bex Allum (Fri Feb 08 19:47:13 GMT 2013): Stephen fry
Lila B Taylor (Fri Feb 08 20:00:09 GMT 2013): What an amazingly fabulous prize! Ohhh fingers so tightly crossed ;) x.
Ellen Stafford (Fri Feb 08 20:44:27 GMT 2013): Amazing prize!
Jacqueline ConNjaknharrisonsmum Buist (Sat Feb 09 06:26:50 GMT 2013): WOW fantastic prize, good luck all xx.
David Jackson (Sat Feb 09 10:07:55 GMT 2013): what a prize goodluck everbody.
Margaret Spick (Sat Feb 09 11:25:07 GMT 2013): A WONDERFUL PRIZE TO SUIT THE OCCASION.
Peter Davidson (Sat Feb 09 11:41:20 GMT 2013): I would love to win one of these, it must be very difficult to obtain one.
Marie Monks (Sat Feb 09 13:03:17 GMT 2013): This prize is SOOO me!
Moira Tampsett (Sat Feb 09 18:58:43 GMT 2013): This nominee loves Disaronno with dinner; please choose me for the goody bag winner!
Anna Moller (Mon Mar 18 11:00:02 GMT 2013): Its said that dreams come true!please, let me win and make my dream to come true! i have being through tuff times on my life and winning your competition it would make my heart smike again! lol Anna