11 June 2013

WIN A Palmer's Goody Bag And £400 Worth Of Topshop Vouchers!

With summer fast approaching, we have teamed up with Palmer’s to ensure your skin is looking and feeling its best. Palmer’s have a great range of products to ensure you feel confident when it comes to baring your skin in the next few months.

To celebrate the Summer Beach Body range Palmer’s are offering one lucky reader the chance to win a Palmer’s Summer Beach Body goody bag, which includes Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Scrub, Natural Bronze Body Lotion, Cocoa Butter Formula SPF 15 Body Lotion and Original Moisturizing Lip Balm with SPF 15 and more PLUS £400 worth of Topshop vouchers!

Start your transformation with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Scrub to moisturise, refine and polish your skin. Follow with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Lotion; this cult favourite helps to smooth and blend marks and scars and leaves skin soft and silky smooth - transforming even the driest areas into buttery soft skin. SPF15 Body Lotion helps to protect your skin from the sun, combining the ultra-moisturising properties of pure Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E with the added benefit of SPF15 UVA/UVB sun protection; the Cocoa Butter Original Moisturising Lip Balm with SPF15, an everyday essential will help keep your pout soft even in the sun. And for a natural looking, sun-kissed glow before your holiday even begins, try Natural Bronze Body Lotion, a creamy body moisturiser with just a touch of self-tanner, which gradually builds up a natural tan over a few hours.

Find out more at www.facebook.com/PalmersUK

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Irene Johnston (Tue Jun 11 14:41:23 BST 2013): Fingers crossed
Amey Brooks-Richardson (Tue Jun 11 15:45:34 BST 2013): wow! good prize! :)
Claire Louise Murden (Tue Jun 11 19:32:14 BST 2013): amazing prize
Ian Cooper (Tue Jun 11 20:10:19 BST 2013): fingers and everything else crossed lol xx.
Fran Stars (Tue Jun 11 21:11:58 BST 2013): yes purrrrlease!
Sarah Wells (Tue Jun 11 21:12:48 BST 2013): Didn't realise Palmers did all that, love their body lotion.
Jacqueline Walker (Tue Jun 11 23:17:51 BST 2013): done
Sima Halimi (Tue Jun 11 23:34:47 BST 2013): LIKED SHARED ENTERED.
Becky Morgan (Wed Jun 12 09:44:03 BST 2013): I'm going to need all of these prizes to look my very best when I bag my new 50 year old boyfriend Mr Johnny Depp :-)
Sarah Jane Pearson (Wed Jun 12 09:49:40 BST 2013): Lovely prize fingers & toes crossed to win :) x
Lynda Eirwen Louise Devine (Wed Jun 12 11:09:54 BST 2013): :-D
Kenneth Coleman (Thu Jun 13 07:50:41 BST 2013): A great prize.
Lorraine Elkin (Thu Jun 13 21:27:06 BST 2013): I love this stuff.
Shelley J Stevenson (Fri Jun 14 01:37:04 BST 2013): ooo yes please thatd be lovely :)
Jean Graham (Fri Jun 14 09:03:21 BST 2013): I love my lotions and potions x.
James A Wright (Sat Jun 15 14:19:20 BST 2013): BRILLIANT PRIZE TO WIN.
Marianne Shields (Sat Jun 15 20:56:13 BST 2013): Beautiful skin and a beautiful wardrobe what an excellent prize :)
Vicki Forster (Sun Jun 16 08:47:39 BST 2013): Wow fab prize
Dean Johnson (Sun Jun 16 12:09:39 BST 2013): come to deano..
Dena Carr (Sun Jun 16 13:47:59 BST 2013): great comp x.
Linda Rothen (Sun Jun 16 17:01:43 BST 2013): Great prize
Moira Tampsett (Sun Jun 16 19:37:41 BST 2013): Super prize: Palmers products make you feel good all over, and Topshop clothes make you look good all over!
Mel Temple (Sun Jun 16 20:10:56 BST 2013): Would love to win this, but who wouldn't :)
Melanie Kenny (Sun Jun 16 22:27:07 BST 2013): This would be an amazing prize to win - have spent it in my head already!
Madeline Connolly (Mon Jun 17 00:06:39 BST 2013): love the prize.
Tracey A Belcher (Mon Jun 17 11:19:55 BST 2013): Love Palmers and Top Shop - Perfect Prize!
Chris Mckenzie (Mon Jun 17 11:29:36 BST 2013): Thank you fantastic prize.
Peter Davidson (Mon Jun 17 11:32:01 BST 2013): great quality products.
Janet Gregory (Mon Jun 17 12:37:31 BST 2013): A fantastic prize on offer - wish I could win iy - but good luck to everyone who. enters.
Vicky Collins (Mon Jun 17 12:50:35 BST 2013): fingers crossed
Jean Parker (Mon Jun 17 12:55:56 BST 2013): Love everything Palmers! Great for a smooth & sensational summer body.
Kayti Miss-pinky Scott (Mon Jun 17 19:14:18 BST 2013): wow would love to win these xx.
Dennis Capper (Mon Jun 17 19:25:12 BST 2013): LoDsa
Val Rush (Mon Jun 17 20:03:43 BST 2013): Excellent
Melissa Smith (Mon Jun 17 20:55:30 BST 2013): wonderful keeping fingers crossed x.
Lois Levy (Mon Jun 17 21:08:39 BST 2013): lovely prize xx fingers crossed xx.
Katrina Leaver (Mon Jun 17 21:13:28 BST 2013): What a fabulous prize for summer :-) xx.
Fiona Barton (Mon Jun 17 22:16:03 BST 2013): wonderful prize
Jalila Djelassi (Mon Jun 17 22:42:47 BST 2013): fab prize :0).
Marie F Nicklin (Mon Jun 17 23:15:06 BST 2013): A Fantastic prize good luck everyone :)
Kellie Z Law (Mon Jun 17 23:27:15 BST 2013): amazing!
Jill Mann (Mon Jun 17 23:40:29 BST 2013): Lovely - fingers crossed x.
Carroll Marsh (Tue Jun 18 00:37:50 BST 2013): Wowsers! Thank-You Guys x.
Janet Hewitson (Tue Jun 18 09:12:16 BST 2013): So great to get my skin all nice and pampered with this fab prize and then to have new clothes to show how good my skin will be looking fandabbydozy ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Julie Horne (Tue Jun 18 09:16:11 BST 2013): Fab prize fingers crossed
Tracey M Chalkley (Tue Jun 18 10:19:32 BST 2013): Fingers crossed...this is a TOP prize x
Lynda Avery (Tue Jun 18 11:35:11 BST 2013): Brilliant prize! Cocoa butter goodies and Topshop vouchers! WOW!
Pauline Burroughs (Tue Jun 18 19:47:31 BST 2013): Palmers Goodies AND £400 worth of Topshop vouchers - FOUR HUNDRED! - Oh wow - so, so hope I win - half for me & half for my daughter - fingers crossed xxx.
Linda Williams (Tue Jun 18 19:57:32 BST 2013): Great prizes :)
Karen Dixon (Tue Jun 18 20:07:03 BST 2013): fab, would love to win.
Laura McGreevy (Tue Jun 18 20:44:38 BST 2013): Thanks for a great competition!
Leanne Bucknall (Tue Jun 18 21:44:07 BST 2013): Totally confused... there are no questions on any of the competition posts?
Allison Campbell (Tue Jun 18 21:50:35 BST 2013): Love the products.
Carolynn Crabb-was Watson (Tue Jun 18 21:53:13 BST 2013): Cannot see a question to answer but would love to win the goody bag for myself and my two children would love to share the vouchers Have liked shared and tweeted comp carolynncrabb58 xx.
Lyn Gillespie (Tue Jun 18 22:23:51 BST 2013): Ibiza
Annette Slater (Tue Jun 18 23:10:40 BST 2013): WHAT A FAB PRIZE THAT IS.....JUST WHAT I NEED TO CHEER ME UP.
Jane Adams (Wed Jun 19 00:23:29 BST 2013): great prize
Sally Rees (Wed Jun 19 08:43:40 BST 2013): Where do I enter - I love this stuff!
Christine Hinton (Wed Jun 19 11:31:48 BST 2013): I would love just being able to enter. Where is the competition form and question?
Desiree Atkinson (Wed Jun 19 14:01:46 BST 2013): Er? What question?