24 June 2013

WIN A Nikon Camera And JW Anderson Case!

To celebrate an exciting new collaboration with celebrated British designer, JW Anderson, Nikon is giving Grazia readers the chance to win a Nikon 1 J3 camera kit and a limited edition bag created by the designer himself.

You’ll never miss a moment again with the superfast Nikon 1 J3; a stylish, easy to use interchangeable lens camera. With a luxurious, aluminium exterior and exceptionally fast autofocus system, built-in auto pop-up flash and direct access to unique Nikon 1 features, high-quality photos and movies are effortless.

To set off the super stylish camera, you’ll also win the coveted luxury leather camera bag which takes inspiration from classic 1940s camera cases and Jonathan’s signature androgynous style. The unisex bag is as versatile as the Nikon 1 itself, with space for a camera plus more than one of the system’s interchangeable lenses. Combining traditional leather craftwork with versatile modernity, the bag reflects the mix of technological heritage and cutting-edge design intrinsic to cameras in the Nikon 1 range such as the Nikon 1 S1, Nikon 1 J3 and Nikon 1 V2. The limited edition bag is priced at £85 and comes in four colour ways – black, white, blue and orange. 

The collaboration coincides with the launch of J. W. Anderson’s Spring / Summer 14 collection at London Collections: Men in June. Only 400 of the limited edition bags are available on the Nikon Store now.

For more information about the collaboration and information on the Nikon 1 range, visit www.nikon.co.uk

To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous camera and case, simply answer the question below.


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James Jordan (Mon Jun 24 17:00:50 BST 2013): wow
Cyril Rowlands (Mon Jun 24 17:06:50 BST 2013): Winning this fabulous prize is akin to catching a rainbow in a bottle.....Magic!
Brian Harrington (Mon Jun 24 17:25:56 BST 2013): Fantastic prize... here's hoping!
Bill Halfacree (Mon Jun 24 18:43:52 BST 2013): just right need a new one.
David Marsh (Mon Jun 24 19:44:51 BST 2013): ...
Peter Wilkinson (Mon Jun 24 20:35:45 BST 2013): Would love to win...keeping everything crossed!
Lisa Everaert (Mon Jun 24 20:43:44 BST 2013): keeping everything crossed! legs, arms, fingers, toes....you name it, its crossed. good luck all.
Nigel John (Mon Jun 24 22:58:04 BST 2013): thanks for the opportunity to win XXX.
Emma Chester (Mon Jun 24 23:46:47 BST 2013): great prize thank you.
Charlotte Clavier (Tue Jun 25 08:13:31 BST 2013): Fabulous prize guys :) xx
Simone Lee (Tue Jun 25 09:26:21 BST 2013): great prize good luck to all.
Cathy Creighton (Tue Jun 25 09:57:10 BST 2013): great prize, id love to start snapping away.
Cassie Naughton (Tue Jun 25 14:14:59 BST 2013): this case is amazing let alone. then the camera as well! I'm super excited! good luck! good luck! good luck!
Wots Her Name Again? (Tue Jun 25 14:17:44 BST 2013): I hope I win http://wotshernameagain.blogspot.co.uk/.
Karen Barnes-Warden (Tue Jun 25 14:32:46 BST 2013): always enter the comps but sadly I never win, good luck everyone x.
Rob Carter (Tue Jun 25 14:41:16 BST 2013): That is a very cool camera and bag I want it.
Sarah Jane Strong (Tue Jun 25 15:47:15 BST 2013): Since I have been saving up for this camera for a while it would be amazing if I did in it, as I can then use the money I have been saving on the different lenses (Also a good camera when I can next go on holiday when ever that will be.)
Judith Lightfoot (Tue Jun 25 15:56:46 BST 2013): Perfect for capturing all those winning moments!
Sooz Wethered (Tue Jun 25 16:41:40 BST 2013): My niece, 2nd baby, new camera - great!
Juliet Honeybee (Tue Jun 25 18:22:02 BST 2013): Perfect size camera for your handbag!
Peter Davidson (Tue Jun 25 18:23:59 BST 2013): what a fantastic prize.
Kerrie Pointon (Wed Jun 26 17:23:39 BST 2013): super
Ruth Shaw (Wed Jun 26 19:08:49 BST 2013): My Grand Daughter would love this, she loves photography.
Diane Watson (Wed Jun 26 20:36:54 BST 2013): Wow..that would do nicely :)
Kath Beard (Wed Jun 26 20:59:07 BST 2013): Would love to win, my camera has broken so fingers crossed
Loui Harrison Potts (Thu Jun 27 10:03:45 BST 2013): This is so'ooo cool, And would be perfect as our camera broke last year and I'm itching to take some more photo's of our boys they are growing up so fast! Thank you for the chance!
Louise Nicole Hutchings (Thu Jun 27 12:01:45 BST 2013): Lovely Competition, Great Camera x.
Madeline Connolly (Fri Jun 28 12:17:34 BST 2013): could do with a new camrea.
Helen Pasaribu Clancy (Fri Jun 28 22:00:58 BST 2013): Finger crossed for fantastic prize !
Clarke Eti (Sat Jun 29 08:45:06 BST 2013): PA kbr Dok
Christine Abdy (Sat Jun 29 17:00:06 BST 2013): I'd love to win this, but I can't see any competition question.
Carol Clifton (Sat Jun 29 21:40:50 BST 2013): Great prize, Thanks :-)
Tim Roper (Sun Jun 30 08:16:10 BST 2013): I've always wanted a Nikon.
Hayley Wynn (Sun Jun 30 09:44:50 BST 2013): love one of these.
Louise Pap (Sun Jun 30 14:02:55 BST 2013): Really to get my creativity on with this beauty!
Chris Colin Rowlands (Sun Jun 30 14:56:13 BST 2013): My wife would love this if I were so lucky.
Kim Styles (Sun Jun 30 15:12:45 BST 2013): great prize!
Christine McDermott (Sun Jun 30 16:26:28 BST 2013): oooooooooooooohhh yes please would be wonderful, no camera at all at the moment, so fingers and toes crossed! Good luck everyone.
Stevie Morley (Sun Jun 30 16:57:17 BST 2013): fingers crossed x.
Chevaune Stanley (Sun Jun 30 17:43:10 BST 2013): I'd love to win this so I could be there to photograph the biggest event of the year....to see if I could actually catch..The Sun coming out! ;-)
Julieann Kenny (Sun Jun 30 19:22:30 BST 2013): excllent prize
Lucy Durling (Sun Jun 30 20:00:21 BST 2013): Great prize
Chris Dewey (Sun Jun 30 21:16:13 BST 2013): love to win this amazing prize!
Lisa Mowling (Sun Jun 30 22:51:50 BST 2013): I wish I could see the question!
Graham Harris (Mon Jul 01 09:14:31 BST 2013): just what the other half needs.
Emma Matthews (Mon Jul 01 10:53:00 BST 2013): Amazing prize , just what I need :-) x.
Jackie Mcgee (Mon Jul 01 12:44:32 BST 2013): great prie
Luke Abley (Mon Jul 01 16:23:31 BST 2013): I really need a new camera as my camera has just broke. Whod have children.
Carole Eaves (Mon Jul 01 19:39:09 BST 2013): cant wait to get clicking, hope its me....good luck to all.
Margaret Barlow (Mon Jul 01 20:25:28 BST 2013): great prize would love to win it.
Jean Ball (Tue Jul 02 16:21:12 BST 2013): My daughter's a keen a amateur photographer and she would love this
Margaret Blewitt (Sat Jul 20 10:56:22 BST 2013): I will keep my finger cross
Sheila Gibson (Thu Aug 01 19:15:21 BST 2013): What a cracking prize!