12 March 2013

WIN A Luxury 7 Night Trip To Mexico For 2!


We’ve teamed up with Yankee Candle ® to offer all Grazia readers chance to win a glamorous holiday to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate the launch of four new paradise inspired scents for spring 2013. In addition, you’ll also receive the collection of tropical fragrances, perfect to create your own paradise escape whenever you need it!

New Spring Yankee Candle® scents include Black Coconut, Waikiki Melon, Paradise Spice and Turquoise Sky. Each large Classic Jar candle lasts up to 150 hours so you can take the time to unwind and retreat this spring.

This very special prize includes 7 nights all inclusive stay at 4*Crown Paradise Club, Cancun for 2 Adults, return flights, VIP airport Lounge access and transfers worth over £3,200 plus, the new collection of paradise fragrances from Yankee Candle®. Sound amazing? Just answer the question below for your chance to win this all inclusive prize!

To learn more about the Yankee Candle® range and purchase the new spring collection, visit www.yankeecandle.co.uk 


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Jean Tolley (Tue Mar 12 17:05:46 GMT 2013): Great Prize! Mexico would be my dream Holiday.
Wendy Elkin (Tue Mar 12 17:51:51 GMT 2013): Would love this trip for our silver wedding anniversary.
Maureen Kelly (Tue Mar 12 17:54:34 GMT 2013): fantastico, need a goood holiday to relax and chill.
Simon Oakley (Tue Mar 12 18:04:43 GMT 2013): I would love to win this trip.
Martyn Cook (Tue Mar 12 18:07:37 GMT 2013): BRING ON SOME SUN! FINGERS CROSSED
Sue Walsh (Tue Mar 12 18:54:40 GMT 2013): Just what the doctor ordered after a tough year.
Judith Lightfoot (Tue Mar 12 19:45:17 GMT 2013): Great trip just what I need to celebrate 32 years of wedded bliss!
Claire Louise Murden (Tue Mar 12 20:37:02 GMT 2013): looks stunning, a dream holiday.
Nicola Strasser (Tue Mar 12 21:01:28 GMT 2013): 150 hours ! M
Sharon Gooding (Tue Mar 12 21:20:53 GMT 2013): What a great 50th birthday pressie this would be for me. Good luck everyone.
Ciara Ennis (Tue Mar 12 21:49:46 GMT 2013): Honeymoon sorted! ;)
Paul Noakes (Tue Mar 12 22:22:45 GMT 2013): This trip would absolutely top off our 25th anniversary this year pppplease xxxxxxxx
Amey Brooks-Richardson (Wed Mar 13 01:16:04 GMT 2013): yep, that would definatly cut it for me, the chance to get out of the country away from this depressing weather would be invaluable!
Vivienne Austin (Wed Mar 13 06:56:04 GMT 2013): Would so appreciate this after all the hard work designing a sustainable collection for next summer.
Christine Bec (Wed Mar 13 07:06:29 GMT 2013): Too many air miles,it has to be virtual.
Veronica Still (Wed Mar 13 07:14:29 GMT 2013): just right for our retirment holiday :)
Christine Lucey (Wed Mar 13 07:38:57 GMT 2013): Ive always wanted to go to Mexico.
Samantha Eunson (Wed Mar 13 21:18:25 GMT 2013): 150 hours
Sarah Wells (Wed Mar 13 22:07:07 GMT 2013): what a prize, holiday to paradise then candles to take you back there:-)
Alexandra Whyatt (Thu Mar 14 18:32:59 GMT 2013): Simply, WOW!
Kenneth Thomson (Thu Mar 14 20:25:27 GMT 2013): Would love to win. Live it up like a Mexican Cartel but without the guns, murder and drugs.
Georgie Robinson (Fri Mar 15 15:22:54 GMT 2013): Please!
Sue Warr (Sat Mar 16 08:49:56 GMT 2013): What a great prize....hope I win after some tricky investigative searching for the answer!
Ann Sargent (Sun Mar 17 10:56:20 GMT 2013): I havn't been on holidays for 8 years. Fingers crossed!
Pip Precious (Mon Mar 18 12:10:07 GMT 2013): I dreamed a dream........
Katherine Nichol (Mon Mar 18 14:31:40 GMT 2013): a long awaited honeymoon, Ideal!
Gill Barwood (Mon Mar 18 15:35:13 GMT 2013): I'd love to treat my hardworking daughter to this holiday!
Berengaria Navarre (Mon Mar 18 18:33:48 GMT 2013): same here ... so proud of her
Elizabeth Edwards (Mon Mar 18 22:14:38 GMT 2013): fingers crossed would love a holiday xx.
George Pow (Tue Mar 19 13:32:20 GMT 2013): this would be a perfect holiday.
Sharon Mandary (Tue Mar 19 14:41:05 GMT 2013): FAB COMP!
Jayne Robertshaw (Tue Mar 19 15:37:55 GMT 2013): Would love to go to Mexico. Have never been.
Hazel Dixon (Tue Mar 19 15:43:06 GMT 2013): 150
Nicki Hirons (Tue Mar 19 16:52:04 GMT 2013): Fab Fab Prize!
Lily Stock (Tue Mar 19 17:46:08 GMT 2013): 150 hours
Tina Daly (Tue Mar 19 17:59:01 GMT 2013): Would love some sun, and a break from our 6 kids!
Liz Palmer (Tue Mar 19 19:38:02 GMT 2013): 150 hours! this competition is great!
Rachel Smith (Tue Mar 19 19:39:23 GMT 2013): Senor Frogs!!! x x x
Aimee Harman (Tue Mar 19 20:00:54 GMT 2013): 150! Fingers crossed!
Laura Baxter (Tue Mar 19 20:24:45 GMT 2013): 150 hours, my dream is to go to Mexico :-)
Andrew Selmes (Tue Mar 19 20:35:07 GMT 2013): Have I entered ? Web page not working.....hope so
Valerie Myburgh (Tue Mar 19 20:43:18 GMT 2013): 150 hours
Colette Booth (Tue Mar 19 21:46:44 GMT 2013): have dreamed of this place for re newing our vowls.x.
Julie Mccrory (Tue Mar 19 22:02:50 GMT 2013): Amazing :)
Dawn Lane (Tue Mar 19 22:28:28 GMT 2013): wow
Suzie MacAllan (Wed Mar 20 00:58:13 GMT 2013): Each large Classic Jar candle lasts up to 150 hours... this prize looks A M A Z I N G so finger's crossed! xxx
Sue Dyke (Wed Mar 20 08:30:09 GMT 2013): 150 Hours Ariba Ariba!
Nicky Hannell (Wed Mar 20 09:14:36 GMT 2013): Would love to take my partner for his BIG birthday this year xx.
Nicky Hannell (Wed Mar 20 09:16:46 GMT 2013): Sorry to excited forgot to say 150 hours! xx
Duncan Brown (Wed Mar 20 09:46:03 GMT 2013): Can't see a question or details of how to enter?
Kirsty Sparks (Wed Mar 20 09:58:17 GMT 2013): 150 hours :)
Clair Downham (Wed Mar 20 10:05:03 GMT 2013): 150 hours would love this.
Dave Deeks (Wed Mar 20 10:08:24 GMT 2013): 150 Hours
Ellie Thatcher (Wed Mar 20 10:23:56 GMT 2013): Where do you enter?
Ann Bache (Wed Mar 20 10:55:21 GMT 2013): MY IDEA OF HEAVEN, SUN, SEA & SAND.
Jenny Miller (Wed Mar 20 11:04:48 GMT 2013): 150 hours
Lorraine Partyn (Wed Mar 20 11:22:25 GMT 2013): No question showing for me!
Wendy Harris (Wed Mar 20 11:30:25 GMT 2013): 150 Hours
Andrea Dalziel (Wed Mar 20 19:06:11 GMT 2013): Looks amazing!
Mike Hudson (Thu Mar 21 13:08:46 GMT 2013): Great prize
Sally Welcome (Thu Mar 21 23:18:10 GMT 2013): Would love to win this fab holiday, keeping my fingers crossed!
Jean Rudram (Fri Mar 22 09:12:59 GMT 2013): What a lovely wedding present for my son
Diane McGuinness (Fri Mar 22 12:58:39 GMT 2013): Please let it be me! I've heard so much about Cancun - great, of course!
Michelle Ptak (Sat Mar 23 12:18:27 GMT 2013): Oh wow... one on my bucket list... love Mexican food x.
Jayne Jones (Sat Mar 23 14:42:37 GMT 2013): Looks so lovely.
Janis Catlin (Sat Mar 23 17:29:56 GMT 2013): Lovely prize
Becky Morgan (Sat Mar 23 20:49:31 GMT 2013): I'd be happy just with the yankee candles I love so many of the different fragrances... but OF COURSE I wouldn't say no to going to mexico either!
Sarah Mullen (Sat Mar 23 22:56:34 GMT 2013): A fantastic prize ♡♡♡♡
Ian Keeling (Sun Mar 24 17:19:07 GMT 2013): 150 hours
Chevaune Stanley (Sun Mar 24 20:55:37 GMT 2013): Some quality time with my fantastic boyfriend would be just Heaven, and that looks like Paradise to me. I can practically hear the waves gently rolling on to the shore, feel the warm breeze blowing through the trees and can imagine wiggling my toes in the warm sand... I've almost forgotten what sunshine is. It's positively Baltic here and the only reason to wiggle my toes here is to stop them getting frost bite! To be given Yankee Candles as well...that really is my ideal prize ;-) Good Luck everyone.
Clive Matthews (Sun Mar 24 23:58:10 GMT 2013): in it to win it.
Ellen Geraldine Potter (Mon Mar 25 08:56:33 GMT 2013): fabulous prize, thank you x.
Laura Chapman (Mon Mar 25 12:24:05 GMT 2013): WOW! Amazing prize!
Tara Burbidge (Mon Mar 25 13:07:58 GMT 2013): 150
Camilla Philip (Mon Mar 25 20:02:32 GMT 2013): OOhhHHhHH I ADORE Cancun...and Yankee Candles! Perfect, PERFECT combo! A WOW prize! XXXX
Sarah Louise Gray (Mon Mar 25 22:30:12 GMT 2013): hmm - I cant tell if its accepted my entry? x
Trish Ashbridge (Tue Mar 26 15:48:52 GMT 2013): It is my 45th wedding anniversary this year and this would be a dream x.
Pauly Alisa (Tue Mar 26 16:44:38 GMT 2013): I wish
Debra Becker (Tue Mar 26 20:40:09 GMT 2013): It reminds me of the Coldplay song - Paradise!
Charlotte-Amy Faulkner (Tue Mar 26 21:16:09 GMT 2013): Love this as our honeymoon.xx
Sophie Holden (Tue Mar 26 22:09:19 GMT 2013): Cant enter, there is no question & it doesn't say comp is closed?
Corrina Macdonald (Wed Mar 27 10:48:04 GMT 2013): 150 hours
Samantha Devine (Fri Apr 05 21:53:13 BST 2013): 150 hours - xxxxxxx.