30 April 2013

WIN A HP ENVY x2 Worth £799!

A laptop or a tablet?  Why choose when you can have the HP ENVY x2 – a seriously stylish Windows 8 notebook and detachable tablet, wrapped up in one handbag-sized aluminium device. Designed for the discerning fashionista, this sleek touch-screen hybrid is light enough to go wherever you go, taking you from work, to the shops, to the bar.


With an HD touch display, the HP ENVY x2 lets you swipe and tap your way through your photos, music, messages, and calendars, so you really can have your life at your fingertips. The vivid, 11.6-inch diagonal display is also great for internet shopping or catching up on your emails.  You can even take photos with the 8.0MP camera, so you will never miss a moment.


Love your music? The HP ENVY x2 comes with HP Connected Music, so you can access the world’s largest music collection from Universal Music Group. From Gaga to Gotye, select from over 3,500 artists, with free streaming and exclusive rewards and content.  Plus you also get allocated some free downloads so you can browse through millions of tracks. And you can listen to all this via Beats Audio™, ensuring studio quality sound on a PC.


Stylishly sleek and packed with cutting-edge technology and HP exclusive features, you really can have it all with the HP Envy x2. To find out more visit the HP website.


We are giving one Grazia reader the chance to win this fantastic prize, just simply answer the question below…


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Carolyn Kennedy (Tue Apr 30 16:11:40 BST 2013): Perfect. Just what I need. x
Sue Cook (Tue Apr 30 16:33:56 BST 2013): Fab comp as usual.
Abby Carroll (Tue Apr 30 16:36:16 BST 2013): fingers crossed what a great prize.
Pamela Hutchinson (Tue Apr 30 16:40:45 BST 2013): I would love one of these.
Wendy Tanner (Tue Apr 30 17:19:46 BST 2013): can't see a question.
Mel Loony Lindsay (Tue Apr 30 17:27:05 BST 2013): Brilliant prize :) x
Lisa Sargent (Tue Apr 30 17:27:15 BST 2013): fingers crossed :)
Angela Allen (Tue Apr 30 17:35:02 BST 2013): iv got my fingers crossed this is a great prize that everybody will want xx.
Chris Woodgate (Tue Apr 30 17:48:05 BST 2013): Fingers crossed
Mike Gilpin (Tue Apr 30 18:23:29 BST 2013): I would to love this :-)
Robert Page (Tue Apr 30 18:41:21 BST 2013): Briillant :-)
Cyril Rowlands (Tue Apr 30 18:41:58 BST 2013): Courtesy of Grazia daily.............thank you.
Krystin R Gregory (Tue Apr 30 19:02:08 BST 2013): Fabulous prize thankyou muchly xx I also have my fingers crossed x.
Carol Egan (Tue Apr 30 19:45:33 BST 2013): fingers crossed for a fab prize.
Linda Mayson (Tue Apr 30 19:56:11 BST 2013): Oh man do I need a new computer, YES I DO :)
Kateryna Bull (Tue Apr 30 20:19:22 BST 2013): Fantastic prize, thank you.
Kerry A Chaston (Tue Apr 30 20:55:05 BST 2013): Fabulous prize and seeing as my laptop is broken this would come in very handy indeed - everything crossed :) x.
Emma Sanderson Wheatley (Tue Apr 30 21:00:02 BST 2013): Go peeps
Julie Perry (Tue Apr 30 21:04:33 BST 2013): Fab giveaway...would be nice not to have to fight to get on the lap top....thanks :)
Sima Halimi (Tue Apr 30 22:04:17 BST 2013): LIKED SHARED ENTERED.
Susan Martin (Wed May 01 05:24:30 BST 2013): super prize giveaway! fingers crossedx
Daniel Dalfen (Wed May 01 10:49:53 BST 2013): Prize of prizes!
Philip Boyle (Wed May 01 12:58:12 BST 2013): Great comp more please.
Debbie Fullerton (Wed May 01 14:15:39 BST 2013): Oh this would be a really cool present for my other halfs birthday.
Diana Croos (Wed May 01 15:19:32 BST 2013): Love to use this.
Alison F Burrows (Wed May 01 17:59:22 BST 2013): Make my duaghters happy as this would bring me up to date at last if I was lucky enough to win this.
Dorothy Hurst (Thu May 02 11:53:34 BST 2013): great must have prize x.
Marion Weir (Thu May 02 13:12:12 BST 2013): I would love this...my laptop is on it's last legs :(
Judith Lightfoot (Thu May 02 13:49:53 BST 2013): Oh yes Please, please, please I would really love to own one of these!
Margarette Kerr (Thu May 02 16:54:21 BST 2013): Oh fingers crossed my laptop just died!
Dave Thomas (Thu May 02 17:21:19 BST 2013): lovely prize - good luck everyone.
Christine Temlett (Thu May 02 17:58:35 BST 2013): fantastic prize
Robert Mason (Thu May 02 19:24:00 BST 2013): Realy want!
Sue Warr (Thu May 02 19:39:59 BST 2013): Mine's just broken......need a new one and this one is superior!!
Mikey Huyton (Thu May 02 19:53:00 BST 2013): Hopefully fate is on my side!
Dawn Lane (Thu May 02 21:32:43 BST 2013): My son's off to uni - just what he needs.
Carla Maloney (Thu May 02 23:39:28 BST 2013): Oohh fab comp! would <3
Elizabeth Gaynor Hamilton (Fri May 03 00:32:01 BST 2013): the one and only perfect lap top/tablet courtesy of Grazia magazine.
Caroline Holness (Fri May 03 05:44:30 BST 2013): my son would love this prize.
Andrea Evans (Fri May 03 21:27:46 BST 2013): Would love this as my PC is for the knackers yard after 10 years.
Jo Godfray (Sat May 04 20:56:14 BST 2013): Would be so lucky to win this.
Jill Harvey (Sat May 04 23:55:41 BST 2013): Fingers crossed
Lee MC Woodward (Sun May 05 01:40:25 BST 2013): Its Mine lol Good luck - not too sure about windows 8 tho
Sam Schofield (Sun May 05 16:22:22 BST 2013): id love to win this so bad :)
Laura A Finch (Sun May 05 17:29:52 BST 2013): FAB!
Madeline Connolly (Mon May 06 10:54:27 BST 2013): would love one.
Mary Jane Bailey (Mon May 06 12:04:42 BST 2013): Definitely something to say Grazia for...
Lynda Avery (Mon May 06 19:27:06 BST 2013): fabulous prize, exactly what I need at present.
Ellen Stafford (Mon May 06 20:57:15 BST 2013): Amazing prize!
Michelle Rutter Hughes (Mon May 06 21:51:38 BST 2013): Good luck all x.
Chrriss Bray (Tue May 07 10:27:15 BST 2013): great comp thanks.
Lorne Bedford (Tue May 07 12:03:59 BST 2013): WOW! This looks fantastic, I've been wanting a laptop for ages but one of these would be perfect! xx
Viv Allman-Neal (Tue May 07 12:46:42 BST 2013): great prize
Peter Davidson (Tue May 07 13:44:43 BST 2013): What a fabulous prize to win - you may send it my way! :-)
Jean Tolley (Tue May 07 15:55:29 BST 2013): This would be like a dream come true, if I won a HP ENVY x2. x
Jean Parker (Tue May 07 16:03:02 BST 2013): Wow - great prize!
Caroline Virgo (Tue May 07 16:04:45 BST 2013): Amazing prize! :0)
Siobhan Caroline Scott (Tue May 07 16:35:25 BST 2013): Fab prize
Robina Laird (Tue May 07 17:31:24 BST 2013): ideal would love it.
Mel Moore (Tue May 07 18:52:23 BST 2013): Nice prize coming my way.
Chrissy Macneill (Tue May 07 21:43:48 BST 2013): Own laptop broken , a major crisis , new one needed , the HP Envy thanks to Grazia dailyis definately the nicest.
Alexander Brown Anderson (Thu May 16 16:47:33 BST 2013): I would be the Envy of all if I win this.
Michael Hodgson (Fri May 24 06:57:34 BST 2013): just the job stylish and powerful.
Lynda Eirwen Louise Devine (Wed Jun 12 11:12:55 BST 2013): could realy do with one mine on its way out...good luck 2 everyone. :-D
Annette Slater (Tue Jun 18 23:26:31 BST 2013): wow then I would be the envy of everyone ;).
Tracy Wehrle Scutt (Mon Jul 01 21:13:23 BST 2013): This would really outsmart my poor old dinosour of a laptop.Fingers crossed.x.