16 November 2012

WIN A £1000 Shopping Spree At Jcrew.com!

J.Crew may be a relative newcomer in the UK having just launched its ecommerce site over here last year, but the US brand has been making classic, beautiful and colourful clothing Stateside since 1983.

Artful design and impeccable quality are at the heart of everything J.Crew do, so if you want your cashmere in every rainbow hue, luxury leather shoes crafted in Italy or a jacket of traditional Harris tweed from the Outer Hebrides of Scotland then head online now.

With Christmas just around the corner J.Crew have got your presents all wrapped up with 101 gift ideas to make your loved ones ooh-and-aah.

And if you want to increase your chances of festive cheer enter our competition to win a £1000 shopping spree at Jcrew.com – it’s the answer to all your gifting needs.


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John Hughes (Sat Nov 17 07:11:56 GMT 2012): great prize
Alison Bruce (Sat Nov 17 07:39:31 GMT 2012): love to win.
Maureen Cummins (Sat Nov 17 08:07:01 GMT 2012): Love Harris Tweed:-)
John Clegg (Sat Nov 17 08:52:52 GMT 2012): Love the fabric.
Kirstie Kenton (Sat Nov 17 10:03:33 GMT 2012): Love the range.
Simone Lee (Sat Nov 17 10:23:02 GMT 2012): love this great comp good luck to all.
Robert Stirk (Sat Nov 17 10:23:30 GMT 2012): harris Tweed?
Pauline Hill (Sat Nov 17 10:45:32 GMT 2012): nice one
Luxe Models (Sat Nov 17 11:00:48 GMT 2012): Great prize! good luck to all who enter.
Jen Rogers (Sat Nov 17 12:36:05 GMT 2012): Gorgeous Prize - well done Grazia!
Maureen Kelly (Sat Nov 17 15:02:14 GMT 2012): nice prize!
Maureen Kelly (Sat Nov 17 15:03:26 GMT 2012): nice prize
Marie Watling (Sun Nov 18 01:21:53 GMT 2012): fantasic prize x.
Leslie Harrison (Sun Nov 18 08:23:23 GMT 2012): Thank you for the chance to manifest this wonderful prize.
Ann Sargent (Sun Nov 18 11:22:45 GMT 2012): Great prize! Fingers crossed!
Colin D Faulkner (Sun Nov 18 12:39:47 GMT 2012): fingers crossed
Melanie Allen (Sun Nov 18 22:50:09 GMT 2012): all the pinkies crossed.
Eva Parrao (Mon Nov 19 19:00:22 GMT 2012): Love tweed here`s hoping every things crossed.
Katie Morgan (Tue Nov 20 08:24:09 GMT 2012): Tweed is perfect for winter - I have my fingers crossed!
Sharon Mandary (Tue Nov 20 11:14:38 GMT 2012): FAB PRIZE!
Margaret Welsh (Wed Nov 21 10:41:48 GMT 2012): this is such a fabulously luxurious prize I have everything crossed, thanks...x.
Sue Cotton (Wed Nov 21 11:14:36 GMT 2012): Would love some new clothes, it'e been so long.....
Jackie Foster (Wed Nov 21 23:27:16 GMT 2012): Great Prize Thankyou x.
Jackie Snow (Thu Nov 22 16:32:36 GMT 2012): fingers & toes crossed, great prize to win.
Ingrid Meucci (Thu Nov 22 23:13:22 GMT 2012): lovely clothes :) fingers crossed.
Hughes Nina (Fri Nov 23 17:47:56 GMT 2012): Tweel B wonderful to win this prize my family could do with some new winter woolies :-)
John Allen (Tue Nov 27 14:23:51 GMT 2012): haha every thing crossed.
Linda Milliken (Tue Nov 27 15:45:23 GMT 2012): fingers and toes crossed.. could really do with new wardrobe lol.
Linda Harrison (Tue Nov 27 17:24:38 GMT 2012): Beautiful and stylish X.
Sue Comlay (Tue Nov 27 20:50:07 GMT 2012): What a prize!
Chris Stock (Wed Nov 28 09:37:27 GMT 2012): fab prize from a fab supplier. Rozzieb
Louise Pap (Wed Nov 28 13:32:32 GMT 2012): Helloooo fabulous Christmas present! You are on my wish list!
Catherine Warburton (Thu Nov 29 12:00:58 GMT 2012): Super stylish, fingers & toes crossed!
Sharon L Johnson (Thu Nov 29 18:08:04 GMT 2012): fab comp xx.
Isobel Gibbons (Fri Nov 30 12:47:57 GMT 2012): fingers crossed
Elizabeth Wragg (Fri Nov 30 13:22:41 GMT 2012): great competition, fingers crossed.
Pamela Darbyshire (Fri Nov 30 14:19:01 GMT 2012): Gorgeous gear. You're the bees knees.
Melissa Smith (Fri Nov 30 14:44:35 GMT 2012): WoW wonderful competition very generous :) keeping fingers crossed :)
Valerie Twine (Fri Nov 30 15:52:21 GMT 2012): Oh boy, I hope I win, I only have about five outfits! I'd love to get smart. Portsmouth
Erin Johnson (Fri Nov 30 16:18:38 GMT 2012): Everything crossed!
Susan Sargent (Fri Nov 30 16:49:23 GMT 2012): great prize
Maria Gaeta (Fri Nov 30 18:10:45 GMT 2012): an impeccable prize.
Dennis Capper (Sat Dec 01 00:06:24 GMT 2012): Please Santa..........
Serena La Pietra (Sat Dec 01 01:17:54 GMT 2012): dream come true shopping spree.
Robina Laird (Sun Dec 02 21:30:32 GMT 2012): love tweed
Jayne Enskat (Sun Dec 02 22:01:30 GMT 2012): a great range this season! love it.x
Joanne Newbould (Mon Dec 03 22:11:51 GMT 2012): great prize
Oonagh Wood (Tue Dec 04 16:44:58 GMT 2012): Fingers crossed for this!
Val Rush (Wed Dec 05 06:53:08 GMT 2012): Lovely prize,
Helen Power (Wed Dec 05 16:22:12 GMT 2012): Warm, wonderful and a winner in the Christmas clothes stakes- woweee!
Tudor Jones (Wed Dec 05 19:10:54 GMT 2012): Superb competition prize and delightful website.