30 January 2013

WIN £500 worth of lingerie and swimwear thanks to Clara-Olivia!

Here at Grazia, we have teamed up with Clara-Olivia Lingerie & Swimwear to offer Grazia readers the opportunity of winning £500 worth of lingerie/swimwear by top brands including Freya, Fantasie, Fauve and Elomi.  It is thought that 80-85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, so this is the prefect prize for you if you are in need of a lingerie update! Clara-Olivia is also offering readers a 15% discount to ALL Grazia readers with the online code ‘grazia’.  Check out all their latest lingerie and swimwear collections in sizes B to K cup at www.clara-olivia.com.

FOr your chance to get your hands on this amazing prize, simply answer the question below...


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Mimi Begum (Wed Jan 30 17:49:00 GMT 2013): good
Diana Croos (Wed Jan 30 22:09:35 GMT 2013): wow.. great prize ever for summer :)
Al Cartwright (Wed Jan 30 22:41:10 GMT 2013): GOOD, LIKED N SHARED.
Sheila Wall (Wed Jan 30 23:16:02 GMT 2013): I would love new underwear as I have lost 3 stone inthe last year!
Yvonne Parsons (Thu Jan 31 08:39:45 GMT 2013): lovely prize
Paula Lee (Thu Jan 31 09:04:07 GMT 2013): A nice treat for me and my other half.
Pauline Hill (Thu Jan 31 09:47:53 GMT 2013): NICE ONE
Patricia Bond (Thu Jan 31 19:07:44 GMT 2013): fantastic prize - I never know what to choose so only buy new when I have to.
Nicola Bull (Fri Feb 01 08:35:13 GMT 2013): wow what a prize nothing better than wearing good lingerie.
Judith Lightfoot (Fri Feb 01 15:38:27 GMT 2013): Just What I need! Lovely prize
Sophia Brookes (Fri Feb 01 15:45:19 GMT 2013): Swimsuits are my weakness.
Ann Sargent (Sat Feb 02 08:12:23 GMT 2013): Fingers crossed.
Simon Louz (Sun Feb 03 06:05:53 GMT 2013): That would be the best prize I would ever win
Scott Woodhouse (Sun Feb 03 16:16:42 GMT 2013): My wife would look amazin
Susan Hill (Sun Feb 03 19:44:14 GMT 2013): Great prize, in need of matching underwear.
Dawn Lane (Sun Feb 03 19:47:15 GMT 2013): always in need of new undies.
Gaynor Roberts-Hamilton (Mon Feb 04 01:38:57 GMT 2013): I am one of the women who don, t know their bra size.
Susan Thomas (Mon Feb 04 13:37:52 GMT 2013): fab prize! with valentines coming up, I need this :-)
Sue S Jenkins (Mon Feb 04 16:59:43 GMT 2013): would love some new underwear after losing weight I'm getting desperate lol.
Julie Jingle Baxter (Mon Feb 04 17:06:31 GMT 2013): fabulous prize. could do with some new underwear :)
Madeline Connolly (Mon Feb 04 21:08:46 GMT 2013): this is a great prize.
Ellie Jacobs (Mon Feb 04 21:32:12 GMT 2013): This is one area of my wardrobe in need of SERIOUS updating. This Would be FABULOUS!
Mandymse Eakins (Mon Feb 04 23:15:58 GMT 2013): my underwear drawer is as grey as the weather - this would make my day!
Wendy Guy (Tue Feb 05 09:12:58 GMT 2013): Lovely undies
Irene Gilmour (Tue Feb 05 09:22:44 GMT 2013): wow every girls dream prize :-)
Kerri Sturgess (Tue Feb 05 09:55:35 GMT 2013): this would look lovely on my new body after losing a significant amount of weight! m it would put my grey undies to shame! heres hoping to finally feeling sexy x.
Chris Camplisso (Tue Feb 05 10:13:03 GMT 2013): Fab prize, could do with new undies as it is my Wedding anniversary before Valentines, and I desperately would like a treat.
Christine McDermott (Tue Feb 05 12:03:17 GMT 2013): I need real knickers, not apple pickers!
Christine Stubbins (Tue Feb 05 16:26:37 GMT 2013): Always ready for new underwear, and this is luxury.
Bexy Boo (Tue Feb 05 18:34:55 GMT 2013): I think my bf would appreciate seeing me in some of this :p
Carroll Marsh (Tue Feb 05 22:18:40 GMT 2013): Fantastic prize!
Tracey Claxton (Tue Feb 05 22:57:37 GMT 2013): Fab prize and just in time for Valentines..ooh la la :-D
Nicola Bailey (Wed Feb 06 13:19:01 GMT 2013): fabulous prize loving it x.
Alex Webber (Wed Feb 06 13:25:26 GMT 2013): need some new sexy undies!
Lesley Ford (Wed Feb 06 15:02:59 GMT 2013): looks a nice fit and comfy.
Angela Bridge (Wed Feb 06 21:13:38 GMT 2013): fab prize :)
Vanessa Gam (Wed Feb 06 22:17:47 GMT 2013): A wonderful incentive to lose weight xx.
George Williamson (Wed Feb 06 23:18:12 GMT 2013): Fantastic
Natasha-Dawn Ni Leighn (Tue Feb 12 20:51:42 GMT 2013): lovely!
Duncan Brown (Wed Mar 20 09:50:44 GMT 2013): Can't see any question.