31 May 2013

WIN £500 To Spend On Lorna Jane Gym Wear!

Are you getting your body ready for the summer? If so, you’ll love that we are giving you the chance to win £500’s worth of Lorna Jane goodies including a gift voucher and a selection of accessories to update your gym wear.

Lorna Jane, Australia’s iconic award-winning activewear label designed by women for women, has arrived in the UK at last. The much-loved brand, which aims to inspire all women to lead an active and fulfilling life, is now available to buy exclusively online at www.activeinstyle.co.uk

Worn by the likes of Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron and Danni Minogue, Lorna Jane activewear is sexy, sporty and stylish and is a must in order to look good whilst working out. Known for providing that perfect mix of fashion and function, Lorna Jane is committed to delivering active, authentic, innovative and inspirational garments. These are clothes that can be incorporated into women’s everyday wardrobe as part of a healthy, active life. Lorna Jane activewear is not just for the gym: ‘Every garment offers motivation to get fit. A key to feeling and looking great. A fashion-forward way to live actively.’ In light of warmer temperatures and lighter evenings, it seems there is now no excuse not to get fit but also look good whilst you do it, simply answer the question below for your chance to win.


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Helen Wilson (Fri May 31 13:55:37 BST 2013): In it to win it.
Jodie Lee Tennant (Fri May 31 16:31:21 BST 2013): Whoo! Love Lorna Jane!
Denise Moylan (Fri May 31 18:25:14 BST 2013): Grazia I love you.... but somethings you pee me off! Why aren't your competitions open to the Republic of Ireland?
Cyril Rowlands (Sat Jun 01 08:20:32 BST 2013): fantastico!
Rachel Haffey (Sat Jun 01 08:49:23 BST 2013): Adore lorna Jane fits amazing
Jumbo Jaffas (Sat Jun 01 18:26:57 BST 2013): Nice!
Ingrid Meucci (Sat Jun 01 21:17:59 BST 2013): Thanks for the comp!
Susan Martin (Sun Jun 02 04:06:13 BST 2013): super prize giveaway! fingers crossed x.
Pippa Cain (Sun Jun 02 10:13:44 BST 2013): I definately need the morivation to get my body beach fit
Alison F Burrows (Mon Jun 03 11:00:48 BST 2013): Luv to win and wear this sexy, sporty, and stylish activewear. Maybe that would give me the Kick up the Bott to get fit and ready for hitting the golden age of 60 years young.
Amey Brooks-Richardson (Tue Jun 04 15:41:29 BST 2013): great exercise gear to work out in x.
Siobhan Caroline Scott (Tue Jun 04 16:37:44 BST 2013): Great looking gear
Jackie Kymantas (Wed Jun 05 16:35:03 BST 2013): Fabulous, well made designs that hug your curves! Love Love Love.
Carla Maloney (Wed Jun 05 20:36:14 BST 2013): G.o.r.g.e.o.u.s <3
Jodi Hill (Wed Jun 05 21:54:52 BST 2013): Lovely :h
Sheila Jewiss (Fri Jun 07 10:41:56 BST 2013): Great clobber cobber!
Carolynn Crabb-was Watson (Fri Jun 07 21:46:58 BST 2013): Lovely x
Annette Slater (Tue Jun 18 23:20:25 BST 2013): I'm sure if I won some of this gym gear I could stretch and pose like the model above (not!) but least I could look stylish trying!
Desiree Atkinson (Wed Jun 19 14:05:50 BST 2013): Gimme, gimme, gimme!