Where were YOU when you heard the historic US election result?

05 November 2008


There we were wondering what the word on the street was about Barack Obama winning the election and it occurred to us - why not just go ask the shoppers of Westfield. So off we trotted (no, not even the windows of De Beers could tempt us away from our mission) to speak to the crowds about where they were - and how they felt - on hearing the historic news that Obama had been elected as the first black president of the USA. Here's what they said...

Tanis Brown, 26, public relations for Aldo, Montreal, Canada
‘I'm staying in London for business and found out the news as soon as I woke up and checked my Blackberry - my husband sent me a very, very happy email! We were really rooting for Obama. He'll be prefect as president - he's such a modern thinker and seems so genuine. He also has a great sense of family, and is someone you can relate to.'

Monique Alexander, 23, florist, North London
‘My husband has been following the election avidly, and rang and told me that Obama had won this morning. It's absolutely great news - and it's fantastic that Obama is the first black American president. The US really needs a change, and this will bring new life into politics. Obviously it's not going to be easy, with the state of the US economy and the problems Iraq. He's got an awful lot on his plate. But Obama's appointment is a fantastic start.'

Kajal Shah, 28, sales assistant, Harrow
‘I found out here at Westfield - one of my colleagues told me this morning - and I was thrilled. Obama is young, fresh, imaginative and creative. He represents change. I honestly think he will make the world a better place.'

Lesley Sealey, 38, designer, Brighton
‘I tried to stay up and watch the results as they happened last night, but ended up falling asleep on the sofa at about 12.30! So when I woke up this morning, turned on the TV and saw the clip of Obama's acceptance speech I was super-excited, not to mention relieved. He seems so clever, logical and reasonable, and the news really gives strength to the idea that anyone can be anything they want to be - it gives hope to everyone. There's just such a sense of optimism this morning, it's fantastic.'

Narelle Turrisi, 31, visual merchandiser for Topshop, North London
‘I found out on the tube this morning, while I was reading the Metro. Even though I'm not a big politics person and Barack's not the UK's leader, I couldn't help being pleased. There's just something about him that's so likeable - and anyone would be better than the president they've currently got! I really like his wife too - she's the perfect female representative!'


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