27 February 2012

WIN a Champneys Spa Day For You and Three Friends!

Don’t you just LOVE this time of year. The sun is shining, the opaque tights are (almost) packed away… and the world is your oyster. To celebrate, we've teamed up with our pals at Baileys to offer you lucky lot a little something...

Yep, you could win a Champneys spa day for you and three friends. You’ll all enjoy a massage or facial and either a manicure or a pedi, plus a buffet lunch and a choice of fitness classes. And if working out sounds too much like hard work, simply relax by the pool. How’s that for being spontaneous?

To be in with a chance of winning, answer the simple question below - and don't forget to tell us your ideas for an amazing experience at Facebook/BaileysGB


All posts must obey the house rules, if you object to any comments please let us know and we'll take the appropriate action.

Fran Frank White (Tue Feb 28 13:28:09 GMT 2012): Fingers crossed!
Jan Bailey (Tue Feb 28 13:29:12 GMT 2012): Baileys Cocktails - yum, yum ;-).
Sheila Foster (Tue Feb 28 13:29:17 GMT 2012): good luck everyone!
Josh Sedani (Tue Feb 28 13:29:27 GMT 2012): Make my day people..love ya xx.
Tammy Price (Tue Feb 28 13:29:27 GMT 2012): Ooh yes please!! Take my hands out the kitchen sink!!
Lee Tunnicliffe (Tue Feb 28 13:30:02 GMT 2012): love love love! <3
Diane Horsfield (Tue Feb 28 13:30:30 GMT 2012): good luck everyone x.
Jill Redlac (Tue Feb 28 13:30:46 GMT 2012): Hope my friends don't fall out with me when I win and can only take 5 of them with me lol.
Melanie Edjourian (Tue Feb 28 13:38:09 GMT 2012): wow gr8 prize x.
Nikki Hughes (Tue Feb 28 13:43:54 GMT 2012): I'll come with ya when you win if you want!
Angela Williams (Tue Feb 28 13:43:59 GMT 2012): I would love to visit my godmother who I haven't seen for 19 years.
Jan Bailey (Tue Feb 28 13:48:14 GMT 2012): Nikki Hughes - deal ;-)
Amanda Hannah (Tue Feb 28 13:50:20 GMT 2012): I would like to have nice nails for the first time ever. I'm so not good at the whole make up and nail painting stuff.
Justine Hughes (Tue Feb 28 13:52:27 GMT 2012): We're all nurses and midwives and so our nails are shocking from all the hand washing. Would love to have nice nails for just a day or two-please!
Susan Jane Gray (Tue Feb 28 14:06:30 GMT 2012): entered, commented and shared. Would love to win this. I am a Dinner Lady and could do with some pampering time. I would take my Dinner Lady colleagues with me. We all need some fun.
Shelly Pope (Tue Feb 28 14:30:21 GMT 2012): £100 spending money won't go very far
Althea Morgan (Tue Feb 28 14:43:30 GMT 2012): Me &five mates great!
Joanne Evans (Tue Feb 28 15:32:58 GMT 2012): I know just the ladies, we're all hard working mums with little time or pennies for such treats....let the fellers stay home and we can be the Glam Mams!
Cindy Bell (Tue Feb 28 15:39:01 GMT 2012): Baileys yes please I love ut
Annette Mcbain (Tue Feb 28 17:57:18 GMT 2012): good luck everyone and me.
Mandy Andrews PreviouslyNuth (Tue Feb 28 20:47:27 GMT 2012): Not expecting to win..as never do...but if I did it would be a great way to celebrate belatedly my 40th!
Karen White (Wed Feb 29 06:38:25 GMT 2012): I've just had a birthday and my friends made it so special, I would love to share this treat as a thank you.
Judie Ellis (Wed Feb 29 21:26:08 GMT 2012): Would so love to have this experience..my nails definitely need some TLC, and so do my friends ;-).
Tony Vincent Martin (Wed Feb 29 22:35:57 GMT 2012): entered - tada!
Sharon Gutteridge Woodruff (Thu Mar 01 13:44:23 GMT 2012): thanks for the fab comp guys. xxxxxxx
Carolann Gaul (Fri Mar 02 11:16:26 GMT 2012): wow, i really want this pls :)
Kim Mayhead (Fri Mar 02 15:13:05 GMT 2012): would love to win this.
Emma Louise Chamberlain (Tue Mar 06 14:56:40 GMT 2012): Baileys mmmm, Would love to win xx.
Carole Walker (Tue Mar 06 18:22:32 GMT 2012): I can just see us now Wee Bailey's in our hands , New outfits on Looking Fabulous feeling like film stars! ;0 OH YESS.
Jacqui Fleming (Tue Mar 06 18:36:51 GMT 2012): OH YESSSSSSSSS LOL
Rachel Scheib (Wed Mar 07 16:23:55 GMT 2012): I was only talking to a friend about this kind of amazing experience yesterday! Love it!
John Allen (Fri Mar 09 12:19:01 GMT 2012): I think a man should be Pampered as much as a woman.
Annette Tinworth (Fri Mar 09 12:47:01 GMT 2012): bought a long dress.....will get opportunity to wear it if I win... yippee
David Hinton (Fri Mar 09 17:25:40 GMT 2012): Bit premature arnt we ??
Helen Edmondson (Fri Mar 09 20:25:04 GMT 2012): Oops, think you can only take three!!!
Angela Litterio (Sat Mar 10 11:51:49 GMT 2012): Have wanted to see London for a while now! One of the four major fashion capitals of the world!
Kelly Woolfrey (Sun Mar 11 23:46:41 GMT 2012): this would be great for myself and 3 besties, all need cheering up! x lovely prize x.
Barbara Robbins (Mon Mar 12 23:05:09 GMT 2012): Fantastic prize, would share with my sisters, if I win! xxx
Louise Lorna Rose-hand (Tue Mar 13 16:13:00 GMT 2012): me n my pals need this after a few yrs of bad luck n losses we need it to clenz our souls!
Sandra Tingle (Tue Mar 13 16:21:26 GMT 2012): I could really use this break...
Joanne Murphy Pace (Tue Mar 13 16:21:40 GMT 2012): a break at Champneys...ohh yes please.. and a bailieys Heaven <3.
Joanne Miles (Tue Mar 13 16:25:34 GMT 2012): Couldn't think of a better way to spend a day with my mates, we all deserve a treat and a break from it all xxx.
Tracy Bednall (Tue Mar 13 16:30:01 GMT 2012): would like to win to pamper my lovely friend and cheer her up after the loss of her daughter it would be a great surprise and enjoy a lovely glass of baileys each yummy!
Maddy Cordell (Tue Mar 13 16:36:33 GMT 2012): I work in a Nursery School - would love some Pampering - and some peace and quiet! lol
Gina Dennis (Tue Mar 13 16:38:28 GMT 2012): I keep signing in but its not letting me enter the comps. . . Its so frustrating
Linda Smart (Tue Mar 13 16:38:38 GMT 2012): I'm sure all the ladies who have entered deserve it so obviously do me and my friends good luck girls(and us lol x ) I am sure a great day will be had xx.
Michelle Moore (Tue Mar 13 16:40:03 GMT 2012): If I win I would take my fabby godmum my best friend who I call the wee yin and my beautiful daughter sarah as she has not long told us that we are going to be grandparents in september.
Bronwen Jones (Tue Mar 13 16:41:02 GMT 2012): Hi Grazia Ladies! A spa break at champneys would be amazing for me, my mum, my sister and sister in law, we all deserve it soooo much! It would be more amazing than winning the lottery! and Baileys too xxxxxxxxx Thanks Girls x x x.
Mel Burrell (Tue Mar 13 16:51:47 GMT 2012): Would love to sit in a hot tub and sip a chilled Bailey's.
Glen Hawkins (Tue Mar 13 17:05:34 GMT 2012): Not sure about this place I used to work there ;) lol.
Ellie Gange (Tue Mar 13 17:19:10 GMT 2012): I work in a hotel spa as a therapist and therefore am always pampering other people, I would love to surprise my friends at work with a spa day and enjoy a treatment ourselves :)
Sacha Stoyle (Tue Mar 13 17:55:22 GMT 2012): I would love to surprise my Mum with this treat she deserves it & we have 2 friends who we'd love to share with us! (And a glass of Baileys!)
Lorna Spike-Watson (Tue Mar 13 19:37:16 GMT 2012): Wonderful spa day topped off with girls night in, great film, and Baileys cocktails hmmmmm what more can a girl ask for
David Moore (Wed Mar 14 15:01:35 GMT 2012): Brrrrrr. looks cold and dismal, only41% to-day
Martin Turner (Fri Mar 16 11:22:21 GMT 2012): Hope I win I've never been to a spa before would love to treat myself , mum, and sister.
Tracey Claxton (Fri Mar 16 18:35:01 GMT 2012): This would be a wonderful way for me and my mates to kick back and relax and a great birthday treat for me :-)
Juanita Polly Powers (Sat Mar 17 22:30:39 GMT 2012): I only live around the corner to Champneys, but can never afford to go there would lovely to win this xx.