The HEIGHT of luxury!

03 June 2011

For most people the idea of a perfect holiday is a relaxing break, surrounded by servants bringing snacks of caviar washed down by vintage wines from golden goblets. For others it’s something more adventurous – windsurfing, white watering or abseiling down waterfalls. But we can top that. Because from this week you can now choose something even more extreme – a vertigo-inducing stay at the St Regis Lhasa, a new five star hotel high up in a town called Lhasa in Tibet - situated at an altitude of 12,000 feet.

Holy Dalai Lama, Batman! That’s a long way up! So much so, that the rooms are equipped with oxygen tanks in case guests should feel a bit faint. Guests are advised not to shower on the first day of their stay, in case the hot water should to open up blood vessels and suck oxygen away from the brain (eek!).

If you would like to go and stay ‘on the roof of the world’ in The St Regis Lhasa, simply look up a room on

On the food and drink front, yak butter and boiled noodles (traditional Tibetan fare, natch) are OFF the menu and posh beef and imported wines such as Chateau Lafite-Rothschild are on. And don’t forget to leave the hotel and explore. Tibet is one of the most ancient and interesting cultures in the world and goes far beyond the experience of eating lobster and puffing on oxygen from a tank.

-Naomi Attwood


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