Peter Jensen's Dear Diary Moment

22 February 2009


Ok, so the fashion show drill is - you queue up for an indefinite amount of time in most probably the highest heeled shoes known to man, you then scramble to get a seat, grab a little beverage en route if you lucky, sit down, have a rummage in the goody bag and prep yourself for the show by looking at the show notes - these are provided to give you a little insight into the delights about to grace the catwalk. But none have been quite as entertaining as Peter Jensen's ‘Dear Diary' moment supposedly written by his Auntie Jytte (pronounced you-tay, fact fans)...

October 21st 2009-02-22

Dear diary,

I can't believe its 10 years already since we left everything in Denmark. I still remember the day we arrived in Greenland, stepping off the plane, the wind biting my legs; how could I have worn a miniskirt? I don't know what I did before I got my thigh-high kamik boots!

I must admit it gets lonely out here in Greenland sometimes, the long nights and the freezing winters. Thanks goodness I learnt to make those bead capes, it really keeps me busy of an evening.

Today I left my chip-shop, the Drop Inn early. I told Stine, I said, Don't let them ring up ordering cabs just to bring over hot dogs. I put on my floral puffa, because I like to look nice despite the weather, and I wandered down to the ocean. The little painted houses look so nice in the snow, it's magical. I went to Helle's shop, I got such a lovely velvet dress, printed houndstooth, it shimmers like the seals do lying out on the rocks. I think I'm going to wear it with my checked taffeta coat - which strangely reminds me of the tablecloth in the chip-shop.

When I got home, the kids had made me the most beautiful jewellery - some from pieces of their old school rulers, others in newspaper maché in the shape of eaten apples, broken hearts and fish bones, they're ever so creative.

After we had put the little sweethearts to bed Ole took me out for dinner. I was wearing my black panné dress, the one with the chiffon frill. We had a glad of schnaps around the fire, wrapped in blankets, it was very cosy.

When we got back to the house, I noticed a postcard; it came from London.

Dear Auntie Jytte, Thankyou for the stripy Faroese hat which I wear all the time. Can you please send another one with zig zags on? Can I come to visit you and uncle Ole? I'm thinking of researching the local fashion for my  next collection. I hope everything is fine at the Drop Inn and the taxi company. Lots of love, Peter.

He's a sweet boy, my nephew, though he's always had funny tastes, if you ask me. I do hope he gets round to visiting us out here in Nuuk.

 Hmmm, check out backstage pics below...


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