UPDATE: Westwood backstage report

21 February 2009


Schools out! This season's Vivienne Westwood show certainly hasn't disappointed on the creative front (no change there then). The models' looks were all split into 4 looks based around gangs or cults that would be found in the school playground - the school girls who create groups and enjoy tasting fashion, make up and hair trends. It's ALL about girls experimenting. Goth, 50s sophistication, classic rock chick and grown up 80s glossy glam, Gordon Espinet for Mac wanted the girls to look like they were school girls who wear too much make up, but also make it beautiful. All the skin was pale and perfectly re-touched using Studio Sculpt, and the 2 lip looks - the goth girl had chestnut pencil and full chocolate lipstick for dark, dark lips and the 'chavs or 80s glam' had lilacy pink lips created with magenta pencil and lipstick in girl about town and finished with lip gloss in ever so rich. It was exaggerated and 'kinda wrong but kinda right too'. The 2 eye looks were rock chicks which was all about 'girls who sleep in their eye make up so lots of smudged black eyes and again for 50s sophistication black fluid line for a top heavy look'. Gordon became philosophical 'beauty is reflected by the mood of the world right now so it's muted. We based the make up on core products everyone has in their draw like lipstick, liner and mascara'

Again the hair looked to schoolgirls and their experimental side. 'Schoolgirls create groups within school tasting fashion and beauty' said Angelo for L'Oreal Professional. The hair was big and backcombing was important in the personalities of the models. Texture expert and mousse hairspray by L'Oreal Professional were the tools du jour and fixing mist spray was sprayed into the roots for a 'oily roots, trashy/not been washed for 3 days days attitude look!'

Sophie Robson was on hand for nails! Again the 4 look rule applied and each group had a different nail tribe. Goth girls had different colours on each finger nail as the experimenters-blues, greens and dark mood colours. Classic rock chic had very, very dark brown, almost black nails, 50s sophisticated had beige and finally the magenta lip 80s chav glam girls had a fuschia magenta grown up nail. All nails were oval but the length was kept at the models own nail length. Unfortunately Sophie mixed all the colours herself for tailored Vivienne shades-maybe it's time to start mixing at home! Check out more backstage shots below...


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