Basso & Brooke channel Louis XIV

21 February 2009

Just as Basso & Brooke promised when we previewed their show, this was always going to be a whole new look for them. After working a club-kid look for the last couple of years, the duo - Brazialian Bruno is a whiz graphic designer and fashion print artist, and Brit Chris is the designer - went all grown up.

This looked, as one onlooker described it, like "Hermes on acid." And it was. Think prim day dresses worn with heeled shoes, elegant little bags, dainty headpieces and glamorous jewellery. But look close-up and that fur trim isn't a trim at all, but a photo print of chinchilla. And that jewelled belt is not a belt, its pearls printed into the fabric. And aren't those hats just like 17th Century powdered wigs? Yes they are! But they are silhouette's of them, as headbands, and they are by Stephen Jones! These girls looked like the grooviest debutante's we have ever seen.

"The look we went for is mini-madams," confirmed Chris Brooke after the show. "We took lots of historical elements and made them contemporary." These included Louis XIV and the Baroque period. "The first rule of Baroque is not to look to one element but the whole picture. So we looked at doing a big mix of influences, and NO black." B&B mixed a twee delicate Provence floral, with very graphic scroll print, and animal print on one item. "You've got your jewellery your belt your top your skirt - all included in one dress." Now, if that isn't creative credit crunch dressing, we don't know what is!


1) The classical version of Guns & Roses Sweet Child O Mine on the soundtrack.

2) Louis XIV inspired hairpieces.


3) Medallion necklaces.


4) The two piece silk jacquard tunic and pencil skirt with polo neck underneath.


5) A wedgewood lookalike print on a dress (blue and white).


6) The trouser suit in printed silk - look at the way the pattern works on the rear!

-Melanie Rickey

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