Jenny Packham Picks Her Top 10 Wedding Dresses

By Hattie Brett - 17 November 2014

Assistant Editor

Jenny Packham Picks Her Top 10 Wedding Dresses

If you’re desperate to wear a Jenny Packham dress on your wedding day, you’ve clearly got good taste because the British designer is one of the A-list’s favourite. The Duchess of Cambridge has worn her gowns on the red carpet (admittedly in other colours than white), Elizabeth Hurley asked Packham to custom-make her wedding dress and rumour has it that Adele is also gearing up to walk down the aisle in one of her designs.


Her sleek and chic wedding dresses are exceptionally wearable – something Packham is very keen to maintain. ‘I love the way really big dresses look, but I think I have a weight clearance with dresses,’ she said recently. ‘Even the ones we do that are heavily beaded, there’s a certain point where you think, “No, that’s wrong”.’ 


She believes that the recent TV obsession with Downton Abbey is also influencing bridal designers – and customers. ‘I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the amount of times I’ve heard brides mention it,’ she revealed. ‘I’m seeing much slimmer silhouettes, more sleeves, higher necks, which is lovely.’


But what of her current collection? We asked Jenny Packham to go through her own collection and edit which dresses she thought would work best for each type of wedding. So whether you’re looking for the perfect dress for a destination wedding in Europe or a vintage-style design, she’s done the hard work for you. Prices start at £1520…


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