Food In A Flash: Our Six Second Recipe Guide To Wild Garlic Pesto

By Lucy Dunn - 5 December 2014

Associate Editor

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Hungry? Busy? Want a quick tasty meal? Then we have the solution for you, courtesy of Victoria Grier, food stylist/writer and Grazia Daily's new recipe vine queen. Every Friday she will be posting easy-peasy, quick-as-a-flash recipes that are a doddle to do. And because we don't want to take up any more of your time, here's our super quick wild garlic pesto.

Super quick wild garlic pesto

Serves 6
Shopping list:
A selection of the following:
1 x 500ml Waitrose essential olive oil £1.75
1 x 200g Parmigiano Reggiano £5.75
1 x 100g Waitrose pine nuts kernels £2.95
1 x Amalfi lemons, Natoora £3.50
1 x small box wild garlic, Natoora (In season between April and June and can be frozen. If you don't have any it can easily be substituted for a handful of spinach or even chives)

1.    TEAR the wild garlic leaves into the blender
2.    SPRINKLE 100g grated parmesan and 100g pine nuts into the blender
3.    SQUEEZE the juice of a lemon
4.    PULSE the ingredients whilst adding 200ml of olive oil slowly until a pesto texture is obtained
5.    STIR into spaghetti and garnish with wild garlic flowers

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