Cutting Down On Sugar? You Don't Have To Give Up On Your Fruit Juice At Breakfast

By Contributor - 6 December 2014


Fruit juices that are low in sugar

Right now sugar is the new evil, with many people embarking on sugar-free diets. Nutritionists point to the high fructose content of sugar and the fact that it has been linked to all kinds of major health issues, including obesity, heart disease and mood disorders. And one of the first things people do is ban fruit juice from their diet.

But it’s not fun to give up on stuff you love. Instead we at Grazia abide by the ‘find a healthier alternative’ motto. By dramatically reducing  your sugar intake you can enhance weight loss, boost energy, optimise heart health and help stabilise your mood.

So we were really happy when we discovered the new range of Vegesentials smoothies and juices. They’re perfect if you love fruit juice, but are watching your diet.

‘We keep natural sugar content low by adding fresh vegetables to fresh fruit in similar proportions,’ Vegesentials founder Patience Arinaitwe-Mugadu tells us. ‘By adding veg we boost the vitamin content and increase the health benefits whilst maintaining the drink’s flavour.’ The average sugar content of a Vegesential is 7.8 g/100ml compared to an average freshly-squeezed orange juice, which has an average 10.6 g/100ml.


<Patience and her husband Andrew>

But apart from being healthy and low in sugar, these juices are brilliant for busy girls on the go, providing a natural vitamin and mineral lift when you need it most. Simply match the juice to your need>>


1. The Round-The-Clock Pick-Me-Up

Celery, apple and kale juice is a light, refreshing and slightly savoury thirst-quencher is a natural source of Vitamin A to aid healthy skin, vision and immunity and contains Potassium for healthy blood pressure. Contains naturally occurring Vitamin C which also reduces fatigue.



2. The One For People Who Don’t Do Sweet Things

Fruity, refreshing and textured, with a mild tropical twist, this carrot, peach and cucumber smoothie is a less sweet option. Contains a natural source of Vitamin A for healthy skin, vision and immunity as well as Vitamin C which reduces fatigue and maintains a healthy immune system.


3. The Mid-Afternoon Slump Buster

Perfect for your morning or mid-afternoon replenishment to ward away cravings, this carrot, mango and parsnip smoothie is a natural source of Vitamin A for healthy skin, vision and immunity, and naturally contains potassium for healthy blood pressure.

4. The Perfect Breakfast Smoothie

This raw, green pineapple and spinach smoothie is a natural Source of Vitamin C which reduces fatigue and maintains a healthy immune system.



5. The Juice for Gym Bunnies

This beetroot, pomegranate and carrot juice will give you a smooth, textured strong earthy burst of vitality and is a great option for a richer earthier raw pre-workout drink. It contains a Natural Source of Vitamin A and Potassium as well as Vitamin A for healthy skin, vision and immunity.



You can buy Vegessentials juices and smoothies at Waitrose now.


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