What I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self

By Holly Peacock - 5 December 2014

Community Editor

When you’re 18 everyone tells you the things they think you need to know. ‘Reach for the stars’ they write in your birthday cards. They arm you tried and tested quotes like
‘life’s a marathon not a sprint’ and ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world.’

Thanks guys - but whilst this may have filled us with hope and positivity, come our mid-twenties we're reminiscing about those birthday cards and we kinda wish someone just told us what was really about to happen.

Or maybe it’s more fun to figure it out ourselves.

Either way, if I could go back and sit down with my 18 year old self this is what I’d tell her…

1. Your family are actually the best friends you will ever have.

2. If you think university is where you’ll find yourself. You’re wrong. When you hit 25 and realise you have absolutely no idea who you are, don’t worry about sliding back into your teenage years. That’s when you were your most awesome anyway.

3. When it comes to your career, it really isn’t all about the money. The truth is, no amount cash is worth being miserable.

4. You know those friends who make you feel like crap? Ditch them. Pronto.

5. Be brave. Don’t get out of the habit of doing things that scare you.

6. Don’t have sex for someone else. You know good sex. What they’re trying to do as you quietly wince is NOT it. Say something or just don’t do it.

7. Adult life is just an extension of school. The bully, the playground politics and every thing else you learned - is worth remembering.

8. You simply can not be good at everything but you are REALLY good at something. Do that.

9. Try not to be so angry. It's toxic.

10. Always be wary of someone who is rude to service people. They are the WORST!

11. You're responsible for your own happiness. Get comfortable saying no.

12. Nothing good happens after 2am on a night out. Don’t let people make you stay out any longer. Unless you’re at G-A-Y and Kylie Minogue is performing. Always stay for Kylie.

13. Your body is amazing. Stop being ridiculous.

14. Chill out. At the very worst it will make a GREAT story.

15. This song is actually the oracle of truth.

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