Meet Tumblr's Hairy Legs Club! Would You Dare To Be Hairy This Summer?

By Lizzy Dening - 8 December 2014

Contributing Writer


The Hairy Legs Club is a supportive (and well-insulated!) hub for women and girls who have ditched the razor, and post the photos to prove it. Cue reems of fluffy legs, and even the occasional brave, stark naked soul.

It’s surprisingly shocking the first time you see your first few images of shapely, au naturel ankles (usually at the end of beautifully pedicured feet) which in itself is interesting – can hair really be taboo in a world where Two Girls, One Cup exists?

A couple of scrolls later, and it’s actually the comments which are fascinating. From women seeking support as they first put down their Venus razor, to a girl who is worried about 'coming out' to her mother that she doesn't want to shave anymore, to those who say they’ve never felt more feminine.

Interestingly, most of the posers’ boyfriends seem to either not care, or actually prefer their newly confident partners – which begs the question, just who are we waxing, sugaring and shaving for?

Now with the temperature and hemlines going up, the Hairy Legs Club is here to stay. But would you dare to embrace your hair? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us @Grazia_Live...


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