The 7 Things We Learnt About Lucas Hugh’s ‘Hunger Games’ Collaboration From Founder Anjhe Mules: EXCLUSIVE

By Contributor - 7 December 2014


We think J-Law looks pretty amazing in her super-chic workout gear from Lucas Hugh (Becky Stevens PR)

Every girl knows that heading off to the gym in some seriously chic gear is not only bound to make you feel pretty damn amazing but can also boost your workout performance, too. Us beauty ladies have long been fans of uber-luxe and technologically avant-garde sportswear label Lucas Hugh so you can imagine how excited we were to hear that the brand was to join forces with the latest instalment of the Hunger Games to design the contestant’s active gear. Talk about being fired up for a workout!

After all, we can’t have Katniss and Peeta doing their drills in drab workout wear, right? All hail Lucas Hugh, the London-based sportswear label known for its sleek, futuristic style and extreme functionality. We couldn’t think of a better partnership for the new flick- a workout that involves throwing swords, shooting arrows and generally just trying to stay alive surely calls for some pretty durable (and uber-chic) gear. Well brace yourselves, fitness-fanatic females, as we managed to catch up with Lucas Hugh’s founder Anjhe Mules who revealed all. Read on and learn, girls, read on and learn…

Luxe and practical- we love!

1. The gear is custom-designed for Capitol-esque workouts: “I use a polyamide and elastine blend for the leggings and tops so the garments are breathable and wick the moisture away, the reflective transfers allow for high visibility. What’s more, the garments are seamless, streamline the silhouette and really contour to the body.”

2. The pieces can be worn outside the gym too: The garments have been designed to include high-fashion elements, for example the Prince Albert Jacket, which features tailoring, like a tapered waist and pleating details on the back, which you don’t often find in athletic wear. This makes them perfect for wear outside the gym, too.”

3. The collaboration was the result of a Google search: “Trish Summerville, the wardrobe designer onThe Hunger Games: Catching Fire was looking for some sportswear ideas for the film and apparently googled ‘futuristic sportswear’.” Alas, what did she come across? None other than Lucas Hugh.

4. She reckons Jennifer Lawrence is the perfect fit for her brand: “She’s healthy, natural, very self-confident and a good role-model for women.”

5. She was under tight deadlines to produce the gear in time: “We had a really short lead time to deliver all the garments. Normally our production cycle is 5 months, and we only had 2 months to produce these and also in such a wide variety of sizes and in a smaller quantity- it was a lot of pressure on our factory!”

6. The workout gear gets the green seal of approval: “We try to use eco friendly fabrics where we can. For example for every metre of fabric we use one of our suppliers contributes to preserving a metre of the Atlantic rainforest in Argentina."

7. She says that Lucas Hugh might be appearing in more movies soon: “I would love to collaborate with other movies in the near future. I am a little bit obsessed with futuristic films in particular.”

Stay tuned, ladies, as we’re predicting great things for this fashion forward and innovative fitness brand. In the meantime, check out Check out the trailer for the new Hunger Games flick right here…


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