Is Katie Price In A Horse Costume The Most OMG Photocall Moment Of All Time?

By Contributor - 6 December 2014


Katie Price's rather interesting horse costume

We all know that the classic photocall is a place for making a fashion statement, whether you’re fresh new starlet trying to attain some style credentials or an established player bolstering your position on the best dressed lists away from the red carpet.

But sometimes, the photocall becomes the sartorial scene of something more, how can we put this, extreme and disturbing. Katie Price’s turn as My Little Pony yesterday was one such example of pure photocall craziness.

If you’re struggling to compute the image above (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), we thought it could be useful to offer a mini dissection of KP’s OMG moment.

1. So we all know the artist formerly known as Jordan has a serious thing for horses, and has competed in dressage shows and all that gymkhana jazz.

2. Katie has her own range of equestrian wear for both the ‘rider and the horse’ called K.P Equestrian. It was said collection she was booked to promote yesterday.

3. This is where things get a bit bizarre. While last year Katie brought an actual horse to her photo call, this time around she decided to come as a horse. As in pantomime style.

4. Katie is known for her love of ultra-girlishness when it comes to her fashion taste - this is the women who officially named her daughter ‘Princess’ after all. The saccharine pink, sparkly tiara, white stripper platforms and tutu are definitely on-message for KP. The extra pair of legs less so.

5. In conclusion: we all know this is a woman who would do pretty much anything for attention. But dressing as a Barbie horse proves that she also has a pretty hilarious sense of humour too.


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