20 Reactions To The Gossip Girl Final Episode

By Emma Spedding - 10 November 2014

Deputy Digital Editor

20 Reactions To The Gossip Girl Final Episode

So after six years on the Upper East Side it's now all over. We've brought you our top 25 moments of Gossip Girl and our recap of Gossip Girl fashion, so now it's time to dissect the last ever episode. If you haven't watched it yet, and don't want to know who is the real life Gossip Girl then don't read on (SPOILER ALERT).


10 things we LOVED about the final episode


1) After years of eating froyo on the Met steps the gang finally all go inside.‪ Never before has walking inside a museum been so poetic. It's even more romantic than when Louis and Blair met in front of Blair's favourite painting by Manet at the Musée d'Orsay.

2) The OMFG sequence where the world discovers Gossip Girl's real identity is TV gold. We have old cast members, Mayor Bloomberg and Kristen Bell (the never before seen voice over) and we even get a dose of The OC as Rachel Bilson (aka Summer Roberts) makes a cameo. This is the perfect nod to the fact that Gossip Girl is the bitchy, East coast child of the laid back, West coast The OC. Oh and it reminds us that they are both created by teen series God Josh Schwartz.

3) OMFG JACK AND GEORGINA! We also loved that Lily and William are together in the end, proving that conning a con artist by sleeping with her WILL eventually win you back the love of your ex-wife. Obvs.

4) One of the best lines of the episode is when William says to Ivy: 'You’re a lifetime movie called Nobody Gives a Damn, the Ivy Dickens Story. Now run along and be queen of the swamp people.' What is GG without at least one truly epic putdown?

5) In the flash forward we see that Rufus is with real life 90s music icon Lisa Loeb and they're wearing matching glasses.

6) To explain what happens to Ivy Dickens in the flash forward we get the IVY LEAGUE. The blockburster film of 'The twisted tale of the female con artist who took Manhattan for millions, based on the best-selling autobiography by Ivy Dickens' starring Lola Rhodes and Olivia Burke (Dan's ex-girlfriend played by Hilary Duff, remember her?)

7) Blair's Elie Saab blue lace gown is one of the most beautiful things we have ever seen. We also loved that she is wearing a headband for most of the episode.

8) Not only are Chuck and Blair married, but they also have a son, Master Henry. He is one of the best cast 'flash forward children' in the history of teen dramas.

9) Jenny is still one of Blair’s minions, as we get a clue she is working for Waldorf Designs when she runs up the stairs using a ‘J by Waldorf’ shopping bag.

10) Jack gives Dorota a glass of vodka on the rocks as she says: 'I need lots of vodka. Brain exploded from Gossip Girl news.' Chuck walks in and reaches for the glass saying, 'perfect, thank you' only to be told by Jack that this booze is actually for Dorota. Here we have the perfect ‘what can you do, the staff ordered me to get them a drink, the world has officially gone insane but hey, I guess it's just one of those days’ faces.


10 things we couldn't believe about the final episode


1) DAN IS GOSSIP GIRL. Is this as believable as the Blair and Dan love story? At least it's a good way to encourage everyone to buy the complete Gossip Girl box set and find a hundred ways to prove this doesn’t make any sense.

2) Chuck got cleared of murdering his father alarmingly easily. Apparently all it takes to get cleared of murder is a shotgun wedding.

3) Blair might have had all the peonies she ever wanted in her fairytale wedding to her nasty prince, we get it. But that didn’t mean that Dan had to carry a satchel to her wedding.

4) Nate Archibald is running for New York mayor. This is even worse than him pretending to be an editor of an actual newspaper.

5) Vanessa has a cameo where she finds out GG is Dan, shot in Carrie Bradshaw’s 80s kitchen on the set of the Carrie Diaries (you know the show that is replacing Gossip Girl). Is this some subliminal messaging to try and make us all watch it in the New Year perhaps? Executive Producer Stephanie Savage said that 'Maybe she's directing an episode of season five of the Carrie Diaries.' The final song of Sex and the City is used to also wrap up Gossip Girl – anyone else think this is way too much SATC referencing for one episode?

6) So Serena and Dan got married, but we feel the need to remind you all that they share a sibling who was never to be mentioned again. Anyone else think the writers are regretting this plot twist?

7) Lily’s reaction to her husband Bart’s death: 'The good thing is we can do the same thing we did last time Bart died.' A line only to be heard on Gossip Girl.

8) Nelly Yuki has been kicking around all series, but didn't show up for the OMFG DAN IS GOSSIP GIRL sequence. We wanted to see her 'NO EFFING WAY.'

9) Everyone looks very old in the fake flashback of when Dan first saw Serena. A whole six years have gone by since they played 16-year-olds, reminding us quite how much time we have devoted to life on the Upper East Side.

10) Dan’s own mother wasn’t at his wedding to Serena, you can always rely on Gossip Girl for some farcical family dynamics.

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