The Top 10 Funniest Christmas Adverts EVER

By Contributor - 4 December 2014


One of our favourite things about the festive countdown has to be all the Christmassy adverts or advent-ising as we like to call it. Ranging from the uber-sparkly (See Topshop’s offering here) to the weepy (John Lewis’ makes us shed actual tears), companies have really pulled out all the stops this year. But who’s made the funniest? Here are 10 Christmas adverts that have really made us LOL…

1. Harvey Nichols – Same Dress Disaster

There’s nothing worse than spotting someone at the same party as you wearing your exact, same dress. Other than them looking better in it, of course. So we love this ad which brings new meaning to the phrase ‘shooting daggers’. Our favourite bit? The laser-eyed Chihuahua, obvs.

2. Warehouse – Twelve Days of Christmas ‘Morning After Edition’

We’ve all been there the morning after the office party, so (paper) hats off to Warehouse for capturing what December’s all about. This is basically our lives from now until January. Just don’t tell our boss about the ‘5 Minute Nap’ part.

3. Cara Delevingne for Love

Love’s naughty advent calendar videos are legendary and we love this year’s efforts with model of the moment Cara on rollerskates. The funniest bits are when she looks like she’s about to fall over and the slightly ‘wacky’ dance moves. Bonus points for not falling flat on her face AND looking amazing.

4. Doutzen Kroes for Love

On the subject of Love’s festive offerings, last year’s advent video with Dutch model Doutzen Kroes singing along to Mariah Carey is also amazing. And basically what happens in our bedrooms when we put this song on. But without the looking quite so good in hotpants part.

5. John Lewis (The Horror Version)
It was only a matter of time before someone spoofed those cute snowmen on The Journey. But it’s surprising how scary it can be when you just remove Gabrielle Aplin singing ‘The Power of Love’, and put the spooky music from John Carpenter’s Halloween over it instead. Be warned: do not watch this with a hot drink in your hands. There’s quite a scary shock coming…

6. Target Christmas advert

US department store Target used this very funny (if slightly unhinged looking) woman in all their ‘holiday’ ads. We don’t know who she is but we kind of love her. And think she should probably get her own show. Or at least a cameo on Glee.

7. Best Buy Best Reactions

We wish all shop assistants were this helpful and enthusiastic at Christmas. Or that our family reacted like this to getting socks. Again.

8. Harvey Nichols – The Walk of Shame

It’s party season, so walks of shame are as inevitable as mulled wine hangovers. Just watching Harvey Nichols’ offering from last year makes us cringe. And also like we’d do anything to be the fresh, rested, sleek woman at the end. Grrr.

9. Dutch hunter advert

This one is pretty shocking (don’t watch if you’re an animal lover) but we have to admit we didn’t see the ending coming. Cake is a film company in Amsterdam who make funny adverts. That just also happen to be really, really dark.

10. Brooks Brothers singing sheep

OK, just to make up for the advert above, here’s some hilarious cuteness from American clothing company Brooks Brothers. We’d love to know how many takes (and how much clever editing it took) to make these lambs look they were all singing along together. Baaa humbug!


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