Food In The Air! The Only Way To Instagram Your Grub This Summer

By Emma Spedding - 19 November 2014

Deputy Digital Editor

There are some Instagram shots you just have to share when on holiday. A 'hot dogs or legs' shot from your pool lounger. A #sorry #notsorry picture of you on the beach. A screenshot of the weather forecast to torture those shivering at home. Well this summer when you're taking a picture of your pina colada, make sure you hold it up high. Forget your plate, the only way to Instagram your food on vacay is up in the air. 

We discovered the Instagram account Food in the Air, which posts pictures of, yup you guessed it, food floating next to famous landmarks. Think burgers against the New York skyline; macaroons in front of the Notre Dame.

[Instagram: Foodintheair]

It also works to wave your drinks in the air like you just don't care - as each Friday they toast the weekend with floating cocktails (this usually involves a sunset). The only way to make your margarita look more delicious, is with a Turks and Caicos backdrop. 

We spoke to the five (yes, five) founders of the Instagram account who explained how they came up with the idea: 'We were on a road trip last summer and while browsing Instagram we came across a picture of someone holding up their bagel and thought it was great. We realised how much potential the idea had and wanted to create (and curate) pictures of great food with a destination in mind!'

[Instagram: Foodintheair]

So what makes a great Food in the Air photo? They explain: 'The key to a perfect FITA (Food in the Air) shot is to have a shallow depth of field so that your food is the main subject. However, the background is equally as important as it gives you a complete feel of the atmosphere and vibe of where the food is being enjoyed.' Their all-time favourites include the curly fries on a stick from Australia and the bagel on Main Beach in East Hampton.

So could Food in the Airs be the next, dare we say it, selfie? The owners who live in New York and South Carolina see big things for FITAs as they comment: 'We are working on a website now so maybe it will be more than just Instagram one day.' 

A beach AND burger in one shot? What's not to like. See some of our favourite combos in the gallery above...


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