Food In A Flash: Our 6 Second Recipe Guide To To Homemade Raspberry Vodka

By Victoria Grier - 21 November 2014

Contributing Writer

Want to use up those summer berries and make a pretty pink homemade tipple? Then we have the solution for you, courtesy of Victoria Grier, food stylist/writer and Grazia Daily's new recipe vine queen. Every Friday she will be posting easy-peasy, quick-as-a-flash recipes that are a doddle to do. And because we don't want to take up any more of your time, here's our delicious raspberry vodka. 

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Makes 1 large bottle

Shopping list:

1 x 1kg Waitrose Golden Caster Sugar £2.19

1 x 70cl Waitrose Vodka £12.00

1 x 195g Waitrose raspberries £2.00

1 x Waitrose clear glass bottle with stopper £3.50



1. STERILISE your airtight glass container either in the dishwasher or for 20 minutes in an oven (130C).

2. WEIGH out 200g of golden caster sugar.

3. SPRINKLE all of your raspberries into your container.

4. POUR your sugar and vodka into the bottle.

5. SHAKE vigourously and leave in a cool, dark place for at least 3 months. (Give it a jiggle every now and again to dissolve the sugar.)

6. ENJOY responsibly.


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