The Best Ever Celebrity Engagement Rings Starring Jennifer Aniston, Kate Middleton & More

By Emma Spedding - 20 November 2014

Deputy Digital Editor

Having a diamond ring on your finger is always a little scary - what if it falls down the loo or gets stuck in a grate? But in celebville stars don't just wear a classic gold band with a single diamond. Nope they wear their very own Hope diamond on their wedding finger. 

So who wins the award for the most blinding, ostentatious ring ever? Well Jennifer Aniston's diamond is anything but discrete and who could forget JLo's pink dazzler she was given Ben Affleck back in 2002. Beyonce must have a mighty strong index finger to carry the weight of her 18 carat blinder.

But it's not all about the price tag, as some celeb engagement rings are sentimental as well as large enough to require their own personal security guard.

Ready to see millions of pounds worth of sparkles? Take a look through the gallery above to find out who has the biggest rocks in Hollywood. *Warning - you may be temporarily blinded



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