Who's The Biggest Womaniser? Russell Brand Vs. Harry Styles In The Bedroom Department

By Olivia Foster - 12 November 2014

Contributing Writer

Who's The Biggest Womaniser? Russell Brand Vs. Harry Styles In The Bedroom Department

Russell Brand is famous for many things, his long standing comedy career, his 18 month marriage to Katy Perry AND his ability to have sex with an astounding number of women. In fact, so many women has Russell slept with that he has been named ‘Shagger of the Year’ by one British newspaper on numerous occasions.

Understandably this is an accolade that Russell is very proud off in fact, just this week he defended the title against some of the new younger shaggers on the scene. ‘I reclaimed my Shagger of the Year crown only last year,’ he said, ‘And when you think of all the new shaggers now like young Harry Styles and Doctor Who it is quite an achievement. I have shagged them all out of the business. It is a like a Muhammad Ali comeback. I have taken them all out.’

That’s fighting talk if ever we’ve heard it. Of course Russell isn’t wrong, we are talking about the man who has bedded Kate Moss, Geri Halliwell, Sadie Frost, Courtney Love and um, Imogen Thomas to name a few. But, just incase Harry (or any other young gentleman for that matter) wants to try and take Russell on, here’s our top tips for pulling women the Brand way…

Who's The Biggest Womaniser? Russell Brand Takes On Harry Styles In The Bedroom Department

Grow your hair…

Only the longest locks are going to cut it if you want to become a womaniser of Russell’s standards. We advise you pop down to Superdrug and buy yourself a tail comb and get backcombing while it grows.

Invest in the tightest jeans you can…

Before Russell went all yoga guru up on our asses he was more than a little fond of a skinny trou, which is odd given that you’d think their restrictive quality wouldn’t do anything for his manhood. So go forth gentleman and purchase the skinniest jeans you can – just don’t blame us if you can’t breathe.

Be confident…

Even when he’s wearing those questionable ankle warmers Russell seems to be able to pull women and that’s because of one thing: CONFIDENCE. You don’t see Russell questioning how attractive he is, or why all these gorgeous women fall at his feet, he just gets on with it, and so should you.

Don’t be picky…

Russell once said that he slept with 90 women a month, that’s right, THREE A DAY. If you want to notch up as many er, notches on your bed post you are not going to be able to afford to be picky.  

Don’t stay attached too long…

Russell’s relationship with Katy Perry was a record breaker for him, before that some of his relationships only lasted a few hours. We don’t know how he manages to keep up!


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