What Would Summer Say! Adam Brody May Be Marrying A Rival Teen Queen

By Emma Spedding - 6 November 2014

Deputy Digital Editor

What Would Summer Say! Adam Brody May Be Marrying A Rival Teen Queen

Josh Schwartz ended Gossip Girl with Blair marrying Chuck and finished up The OC with Seth marrying Summer, but in real life Seth is apparently walking down the aisle with Blair. Yes you heard us, it has been reported that Adam Brody and Leighton Meester are engaged, as the 33-year-old actor proposed earlier in the week. Mazel tov!

An insider told America's Star magazine: 'Leighton and Adam are crazy about each other and have talked about getting married eventually. But she had no idea when he would propose so soon! It was the surprise of her life and she's ecstatic!' The magazine reports that they will marry next summer and 'they are still deciding if they want a destination wedding or if they'll marry in southern California somewhere.'

Blair may have had that weird phase where she dated lonely boy Dan Humphrey for a season, but we would never ever have imagined she would date a person who reads comics and is friends with a toy horse. The pair both starred in The Oranges together in 2011 and went public with their relationship in February. An insider said to US Weekly that when they were filming 'they were always close and friendly.'


Rumours started when they were spotted 'hugging and laughing' while visiting art exhibitions at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. In typical OMFG Gossip Girl style onlookers took to their phones to post their own Twitter blasts such as 'Just in the same museum exhibit with Adam Brody and Leighton Meester. Enough said. #lacelebsiting.' XOXO

Josh Schwartz is quite the match maker, as he has a history of his TV stars dating. In real life Serena dated Dan, Summer dated Seth, Vanessa dated Chuck and Blair was with Carter Baizen. But if you could re-write your favourite teen dramas, break up Chuck and Blair, bring back Marissa and break up Lucas and Peyton who would you pair together?

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