VIDEO: So How Does Robert Pattinson Feel About His Sister Being On The X Factor?

By Emma Spedding - 10 November 2014

Deputy Digital Editor

VIDEO: So How Does Robert Pattinson Feel About His Sister Being On The X Factor?

Oh hi there! Robert Pattinson was back on our shores last night for ‘The Rover’ photocall in London and boy, does he look hawt. The actor is certainly back to his brooding best, with a little helping hand from a bordeaux suede Gucci bomber jacket over a steel-blue shirt, which was tantalisingly unbuttoned. We managed to bag an invite and took the chance to ask Mr RPattz how he feels to see big sister Lizzy on The X Factor. Watch his reponse in the video below...




30 July 2014: R-Pattz's Sister Makes It Through To The X Factor Arena Rounds

The next series of the X Factor could be a good'un seeing as it sees Cheryl Cole Fernandez-Versini's comeback and a real life Pattinson. We're talking about an actual relative of Robert Pattinson. Singing. On The X Factor.

According to The Mirror, Lizzy Pattinson is through to the arena round of the next series. The source said: “She blew them away with her husky, soulful vocals. She’s different to usual X Factor contestants – she really stands out. She could go all the way.”

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Could this mean we might be able to spot - fist in mouth - Robert Pattinson in the audience? Perhaps not, considering the source said, “She didn’t mention she was related to him to any judges or producers. It’s important to her she does not fall into the trap of just becoming ‘Rob’s sister’.” Dammit.

We know you lot will be right over to Instagram to try and find more about Lizzy, so here is everything you need to know about Rob's older sis...

1. She was in Twilight (kind of)

Back in 2008 Lizzy was on the creepy "Who Are They" song for Twilight and in 2011 she was on another track for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.


2. She has already had a top 20 single

Back in 2003 Lizzy had a top 20 hit with the Ibiza-tastic track 'Let The Sunshine In.' What a corker.


3. She has been singing for over a decade

When Lizzy was 18 she sang on Aurora's 'Dreaming' which charted at number 24.


4. So does she sound anything like Rob?

Hmm, not really. But she does talk about what it's like growing up with Rob in the interview below. Skip to 4:30.

5. She has a thing for sequin cabaret dresses

By the looks of Lizzy's Instagram, Cheryl will have some competition on the sparkle front.


6.  She's on Instagram

...where she showcased this festive Twilight manicure. Follow her now for some insider (and hopefully hot Rob) shots: @Lizzysnaps.



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