To Celebrate Mother's Day, Let's Remember Our Top 6 Movie Mums

By Jo Duckworth - 12 November 2014

Entertainment Assistant

To Celebrate Mother's Day, Let's Remember Our Top 6 Movie Mums

So it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. You’re welcome. We knew some of you might forget. And to celebrate the day we get to remember, lavish attention on or send flowers to the women who birthed us, Empire Cinemas ran a little survey to find out who the nation have voted their top movie mum. Bella Swan from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 came out on top. Wonder what K-Stew will make of that?! It's sort of fair enough - she basically recruits a kick-ass army to take on the evil leaders of the vampire world to protect her 'halfling' child.

Then we started thinking and realised there are few other notable movie mothers who've rocked our world. So, warm the cockles of your heart on us and revel in the wonder of motherhood.

1. Juno

Knocked up teenager who decides to go through with her unwanted pregnancy and all its trappings in order to give the baby up for adoption to a couple who really, really want one.

2. Jennifer Garner in Juno

Ok, we know this is cheating slightly (2-for-1) but it's a win for any prospective mum who'll drop to her knees to talk to her unborn child in the middle of a shopping mall.

3. Elastigirl

Aka wife and mother in The Incredibles. Who, despite being a superhero with super stretchy powers, still worries about the size of her bum.

4. Nina Banks in Father of the Bride Part II

Diane Keaton is not only completely hilarious as a mother expecting a baby due at the same time as her first grandchild, she also manages to navigate Steve Martin's hysterionics as the father/ grandfather-to-be.

5. Lily Potter

As in Harry Potter's Mum. Very much behind the scenes because she's erm, dead. But her demise saves her baby son who is forever more reminded of her love as he sports a lightening bolt scar on his forehead, the result of a rebounded curse.

6. Erin Brockovich

Single-handedly raising three children while taking on a power supply company who have polluted a city's water supply. Boom



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