The Rise Of Fluid Sexuality: Miranda Kerr And Cameron Diaz Talk Fancying Girls

By Kate Lloyd - 12 November 2014

Digital Writer

The Rise Of Fluid Sexuality: Miranda Kerr And Cameron Diaz Talk Fancying Girls

Miranda Kerr has revealed she'd like to give a lesbian relationship a go. The model who split from husband Orlando Bloom last year told GQ she's attracted to both genders and wants to 'explore' her bisexuality. 

'I appreciate both men and women,' she said. 'I want to explore. Never say never.'

Her comments come just a week after Cameron Diaz spoke out about her love for both men and women to Glamour, explaining she's been attracted to girls before - and believes all women have too.

'I think women are beautiful - absolutely beautiful,' she said. 'And I think that all women have been sexually attracted to another woman at some point. It's natural to have a connectivity and an appreciation for the beauty of other women.'

[Cameron Diaz Instagram]

It seems more and more of us are accepting that our sexuality might be fluid. A 15-year study of 79 women at Utah University revealed their sexual preferences shifted over the years. Plus, new research shows that more than six times as many women have had a sexual encounter with another woman compared to figures for 1990.

In this week's Grazia magazine, out tomorrow, we look at the changes in the way our sexual orientation is viewed. We talk to Robyn Exton, the founder of lesbian dating app Dattch, as well as writer Vanessa Pelz-Sharpr who says, when it comes to dating, she's 'down for whatever's there' and that her sexuality 'ebbs and flows'. Plus, a bi-curious writer goes to a gay girls' singles night.

As always, the Grazia app is available at to download, meaning you can access the latest gossip, fashion tips and news on the go!


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