The 25 Best Gossip Girl Moments EVER: Weddings, Cameos, Catfights And More

By Julia Fernandez - 24 November 2014

Community Editor

The 25 Best Gossip Girl Moments EVER: Weddings, Cameos, Catfights And More

After six seasons, 121 episodes and we've lost count of how many breakups, Gossip Girl is finally coming to an end with a two-hour special this week. The show that made hairbands, twinsets and even school uniforms chic, has been one of our TV fashion highlights over the last five years, but our love of GG went way beyond couture ball gowns. Serena, Blair, Chuck, Dan and Nate brought us scandal after scandal and scheme after scheme and, with a little help from Vanessa, Eric, Jenny, Charlie and Juliet, made the Upper East Side of Manhattan seem like one non-stop drama-rama. If it wasn’t the teenagers causing havoc in New York society it was their parents, from Lily and Rufus to Serena’s father William and the villain of the series, Bart Bass stirring it up.

What started out as a high school drama quickly transformed into a mix between Cruel Intentions, Project Runway and Joey Tribbiani soap opera Days of Our Lives. There were tantrums, tiaras, catfights and faked deaths, as well as cameos from of the fashion world’s biggest names including Tyra Banks, Alexa Chung and Rachel Zoe.

So as we say goodbye and shed a tear for B, S and Co, we thought we’d round up our 25 favourite Gossip Girl moments ever – scroll through the gallery for a trip down memory lane and watch some of the show’s most salacious scenes below…

1. Blair Loses It

2. Dan Gets VERY Lucky

3. Serena's Sex Tape

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