See The Child - And Save Thousands More Being Failed Every Day

By Zoe Beaty - 8 December 2014

Junior Commissioning Editor/ Senior Features Writer


There could be one you walked past at the bus stop. Or in the park. Maybe there's one living next door to you, that quiet, insular child you hadn't quite noticed, perhaps another hovering on the pavement by your hairdressers. Abused children are everywhere - in fact, there are an estimated 1.5million living suffering from abused and neglect in the UK right now. Yet somehow, they remain unseen.

Everyday, children in Britain are failed by the system that purports to help them. Many are denied help and many don't survive the abuse inflicted on them. When a child dies, and national outcry ensues, governments call for 'A Public Inquiry'. Thereafter they make recommendations to improve already in place structures, and hand out the blame to individual parties, with little regard to the fact that the delivery of care to vulnerable children in Britain is not fit for purpose. Kids Company want to change that.

Today, they launch a pivitol campaign, See The Child, Change The System which calls for the system through which children are provided social care and mental health services is completely remodelled. Their harrowing video shows the reality of so many children's lives - neglected, abused and cut tragically short - only for the system to repeat again, and again, and again.


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