#PlayTime: Ella Eyre Talks Big Hair, Festivals And Cute Cats Ahead Of Her Performance At Glastonbury Festival

By Kate Lloyd - 10 November 2014

Digital Writer

#PlayTime: Ella Eyre Talks Big Hair, Festivals And Cute Cats Ahead Of Her Performance At Glastonbury Festival

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Things are pretty busy for Ella Eyre right now. The singer's just released the video for single 'If I Go', is gearing up to release her debut album and is playing festivals across the globe over the next few months. Next up - Glastonbury on Saturday then Wireless the weekend after. 

We caught up with her to talk about festival mud, the secret to her HUGE hair and her cats Ed and Frank who are pretty much Instagram celebs in our eyes.

Grazia Daily: Are you a fan of festivals?
Ella Eyre: Absolutely, yes! The atmosphere you get at festivals you can't get anywhere else. The crowd is so willing to be there for the artist whether it's raining or cold or boiling hot, there's no care in the world apart from that moment right there.

Grazia Daily: Do you deal well with muddy situations?
Ella Eyre: I think I dealt better with them when I was slightly younger. When you're on tour and you're sleeping on a tour bus, getting on the bus covered in mud is certainly not ideal.

Grazia Daily: You've got loads of energy onstage. How do you get psyched before shows?
Ella Eyre: You know the movie Wolf of Wall Street? You know that chant 'duurrr duh durr duh'? We do that and start jumping around and get excited.

Grazia Daily: How high can you jump? We've seen some impressive pictures...
Ella Eyre: Haha, I've had quite a bit of practice! My knees are well and truly geared up for it. In Brisbane it was raining so hard I slipped a few times.

Grazia Daily: How do you pick your tour outfits?
Ella Eyre: I like to wear body conscious stuff because I like being able to move and be quite athletic. I don't like to worry about things like precarious necklines when I'm on stage.

Grazia Daily: Is your performing style different to your style off-stage?
Ella Eyre: My style off-stage is quite relaxed and feminine. But I love my Air Max. From looking at them right now, I think I own more than 30 pairs. My favourite pair at the moment are new all-black suede and then they've got a white Nike tick.

Grazia Daily: What's your hair routine?
Ella Eyre: It's naturally quite big and gets bigger when I brush it - then it's just a question of taming it. I use tongs and various wands. It takes about two hours. I don't really use and products other than conditioner and shampoo, but tonging tends to kill it. I've got this really good hair repair from Kiehls. I wash it as little as often as it takes about two days to dry!

Grazia Daily: How big could you make it if you really tried?
Ella Eyre: Triple what you see normally! It's taken me 20 years to get it this big.

Grazia Daily: You have loads of nail art pictures on Instagram. How do you like your nails to look?
Ella Eyre: I really like my nails to be pointed and in-keeping with my feline theme - like claws. I've always been referred to as a sort-of lion. I also like playing with different colours and designs. I like having hearts on the end because then you can't tell if they've grown out for ages, ha!

Grazia Daily: You've got two very cute cats, Ed and Frank, do they travel with you?
Ella Eyre: I wish! That was the idea when I got them. I thought it would be great to have cats sat on the dashboard when we're driving.. but they're very much house cats. They're very antisocial, don't like people and don't really like me very much. They don't even eat very much so I don't have many bargaining tools.

Grazia Daily: Do they get along with each other?
Ella Eyre: They do, now that I've chopped their b*lls off. Before it got really bad, they were like chewing each other. It was quite graphic.

Grazia Daily: Are they well behaved now?
Ella Eyre: No - not even a little bit. They are adorable though.

Ella Eyre's debut single, If I Go, is out on 14 July. Check out her best ever catstagrams below...


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