Not Quite A Royal Wedding! Pippa Middleton Is 'Due To Marry' Nico Jackson?

By Contributor - 6 December 2014


Pippa and Nico looking happy at Wimbledon earlier this year [getty]

2 Sep 2013

Exciting news: numerous reports over the weekend have suggested that Pippa Middleton may be engaged to her stockbroker boyfriend Nico Jackson. And it could have happened THREE whole months ago!

According to this weekend’s papers, Pippa and Nico may have got engaged as long ago as June – after Wimbledon - but they have been waiting until her 30th birthday on Friday to make an official announcement. It is widely thought that the couple – who started dating six months ago - became engaged on holiday in Mustique. The secluded island is a favourite of the Middleton family, who regularly travel there.

Of course rumours are already rumbling that Kate will be Pippa’s bridesmaid. Well - it would only be polite for her to return the favour, really. It is said that Kate and the birth of Prince George were the reason behind the delay of announcement, as Pippa did not want to overshadow the birth of the future king.

Pippa and Nico have regularly been seen out and about together on a series of romantic dates and trips. Apparently he is incredibly popular with the whole Middy clan, especially her mother Carole. Nico’s parents similarly are said to be happy for the couple... when they first started dating, his mother Ulrike Jackson said, ‘We’re very pleased. They are happy, and that is all that matters.’ The question is: will she wear those magic pants again?


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