Miley Cyrus In LOVE Magazine: 'Why Is Sexuality Still So Offensive?'

By Contributor - 6 December 2014


Photography: David Sims, Styling: Katie Grand

Miley Cyrus is proving to be the pop world's chameleon du jour, channelling Lady Gaga in little more than a bedsheet for her latest W Magazine spread and here she is for LOVE Magazine with a red quiff Woody Woodpecker would be proud of. The images were shot by David Sims, the man behind the Marc Jacobs campaign, and sees Miley wearing glistening nipple covers.

Her flesh-flashing might have something to do with designers being hesitant to dress the controversial star. Katie Grand, editor-in-chief of LOVE, said, ‘It was tricky to borrow clothes for the shoot because she seems to divide opinion in a Marmite-esque way. But then you meet her and she’s the most charming, intriguing celebrity I’ve ever come across.’ Of course, she's now kitted out head-to-toe in Marc Jacobs since becoming the designer's muse while Roberto Cavalli created her tour costumes.

Miley Cyrus In LOVE Magazine

Photography: David Sims, Styling: Katie Grand

Either way, Miley's not batting an eyelid. In the accompanying interview, the 21-year-old singer addresses critics who've questioned her ‘bad role model’ status. ‘What’s crazy to me – and this is nuts – is that sexuality is still so offensive,’ Miley says. ‘Kids need to know about sexuality. Girls need to be comfortable in that. You know, people laugh and think it’s funny that I said I’m a big feminist, but what about me isn’t? I tell girls, be who you are. Do whatever the f*** you want.’

She certainly knows how to snag the limelight, whether she's provocatively twerking in nude undies at the MTV Awards or grinding against Madonna. ‘I think it’s just because there’s no one else doing it, so I’m the only one to go hard on. I’m also doing it in this less glamorous version of what people think sexy should be. I’ll be in a thong, but it’s not going to be the Victoria’s Secret thong with my hair down to here and a full face of make-up on. It feels like more; even going back to punk again, there’s something sexy about that.’ Yep, the Disney pop princess is long gone.


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