It’s Official! Tulisa’s Going Back To X Factor

By Joe Stone - 12 November 2014

Contributing Writer

It’s Official! Tulisa’s Going Back To X Factor (But Only As A Guest Judge)

Above: Tulisa Contostavlos filming X-Factor in Bermuda [Rex]

Louis Walsh hinted a while back that Tulisa could be making her triumphant return to X Factor this year, and new pictures of her on the beach in Bermuda prove that she will be assisting Lou Lou at this year’s judges houses. What better reason to reminisce about some of her best moments?

Her ‘say what?’ face when Gary told her she had fag breath

Gary Barlow accusing Tulisa of having fag breath was one of the most controversial moments of X Factor 2012. His low blow struck us as particularly unfair when Tulisa was just offering an honest critique of his (terrible) act, and her shocked expression at his remark was priceless. We wonder if Gary is still singing the praises of Christopher Maloney now?

The time she proved she can actually sing

Say what you want about Tulisa, but girl got pipes! When she performed a duet with her ‘little muffins’ Little Mix in the 2011 X Factor live final she blew us away. Check out her performance below:

When she showed us her softer side

To say N-Dubz era Tulisa was quite hard-faced would be like saying Anna Wintour quite likes sunglasses. But X Factor offered a good opportunity for Tulisa to show her vulnerable side, memorably tearing up during Michelle Barrett’s audition:

Her trademark ‘Female Boss’ stance

Not since Posh Spice’s iconic point has a pop star used a single limb to such devastating effect.


'The Female Boss' [Rex]

When she attributed her new nose to weight loss

We’re never going to sit in judgement of someone’s cosmetic choices, but Tulisa’s explanation for her new looking nose struck us as somewhat unlikely. ‘I swear on my life I’ve not had [a nose job]’, she explained. ‘I’ve literally just lost weight, and it goes from my nose!’ She lost weight from her nose, people!

Tulisa X Factor 2014.jpg

Tulisa's glitzy wardrobe [Rex]


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