Zooey Deschanel And Style Bloggers Are Digging This 52 Year Old Backpack. Yes, Really!

By Hannah Almassi - 10 November 2014

Fashion News And Features Editor

Zooey Deschanel And Style Bloggers Are Digging This 52 Year Old Backpack. Yes, Really!

When Zooey Deschanel Instagram’d the pic of herself above wearing a – what to many would be an unidentified – geeky rucksack, she confirmed a fashion inkling Grazia’s Style Hunter had been feeling for quite some time. So here it is: there’s a new street style phenomenon a-happening and it’s not about the latest Givenchy printed t-shirt or Alexander Wang heels, it’s about a £55 mini school-friendly nylon rucksack from a Swedish outdoors brand called Fjällräven (prounced, erm... not sure). It’s functional purpose has made it popular enough amongst hikers, mountaineers and active types since its inception in 1960 to warrant it’s ‘most sold rucksack in the world’ status, but fast forward 52 years and a following of Shoreditch hipsters, cool kids who cycle everywhere and style bloggers across the globe is growing. And now Zooey, aka the queen of nerdy-cool, has put a stamp on it by tweeting this shot of her and Olivia Munn doing a bezzies-wearing-backpacks pose on the set of New Girl.


Gabrielle of Dentelleetfleurs.com and Annabel of Blushingambition.blogspot.co.uk styling up their Kankens!

We’ll leave Fjällräven’s anoraks and fleeces also to one side (thanks), because the only piece you need to know about is the Kanken. This is the style that everyone is wearing and there’s even an entire website, I Love My Kanken, dedicated to people who, surprisingly, love their Kanken! It’s a simple rectangular backpack that comes in 23 different colours (we like the very A/W’12 Ox Red), and what it lacks in size it makes up for in kudos-factor. Buy now on Fjällräven’s site, ASOS and Farfetch.com.  

Bloggers Mariah of Greygold.blogspot.com and Laura from Theworldlooksred.com are Kanken lovers, too.


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