Timberland Boots Are Back! But What Do YOU Think Of Rihanna, Cara & Suki's New Favourite Shoe?

By Hannah Almassi - 19 November 2014

Fashion News And Features Editor

Timberland Boots Are Back!

First Palladiums, then Buffalos, followed by Birkinstocks… is there no end this carousel of footwear revivals? Apparently not. The next reboot is, in fact, a boot: Timberlands, to be precise. 40 years ago, they were just a humble (albeit technologically superior) workman’s boot, but if you've had your eyes open, you will have noticed that the Timb-back has  been in motion for quite some time.

Rihanna – ever the girl to give an old trend a new kick – was one of the first: choosing a pair to accessorise her Brit Awards 2012 look. Many other outings followed for Ms Fenty and now everyone from Suki Waterhouse to Kanye West’s can be found in these utilitarian stompers. In fact, Yeezus seems to like Timbs so much, he styled his APC lookbook with them.

Classic Timbs are best worn with the laces slightly undone, you know.

Considering the aforementioned string of supposedly passé shoes that have triumphantly returned from Style Siberia and an enduring love-in for all things 1990s, it’s no great surprise that these chunky-soled, 8-hole lace-ups are once again enjoying a bit of a moment. But rest easy – we don't predict J Lo-ready high-heeled versions on the horizon, even if Beyonce did instagram a shot of mini Blue Ivy boots alongside a platform pair for mama and originals for papa Jay Z.

Naturally, this has caused much debate at Grazia HQ. Senior fashion news and featured editor, Katherine Ormerod won’t be picking up a pair any time soon…

‘Timberlands can certainly look cool on certain people, but sadly they don’t have the power to confer coolness on to the wearer. If you don’t possess an inherent low-key, street chic vibe, you could end up looking like a sartorial punch line,’ she explains, ‘If you’re regular look is hoity toity and polished, shodding yourself with a pair of what are essentially workman’s boots is going to look ridiculous. If however, you’re a woman with a wardrobe full of caps, sneakers, ripped and baggy jeans and people constantly mistake you for Rihanna, its time to invest.’

And while shopping editor Lily Russo isn’t quite ready to experiment yet, Tims have a fond place in her heart.

‘Timberlands remind me of my youth, watching All Saints perform on Top of the Pops whilst wearing my baggy skater trousers. But as much as I would love to rock a pair, this is definitely one look that you need to own if you are going to attempt it. It would mean stripping back your entire look to make room for such statement footwear.’

So what do you think readers? Are Tims just grim? Or do they get your stomp of approval?


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