Frow Back! We Present The Best Vintage Front Rows At Fashion Week

By Emma Spedding - 4 December 2014

Deputy Digital Editor

Seeing as it is the start of fashion month we are having a FROW-ment here at Grazia Towers, digging up pictures of the best celebrity attendees, EVER. Who used to sit on the front row before Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung invaded Somerset House? Have second row-ers always been staring at the back of Anna Wintour's bob? Which was Victoria Beckham's first ever show? Well we've done the hard work for you and trawled through front rows of times gone by to dig out some real corkers.

Our favourite frowbacks include Britney Spears in double denim (complete with a denim cap, natch) blowing bubblegum at New York Fashion Week and Madonna in all white everything at Versace in the mid 90s. Victoria Beckham is a fashion week veteran as the Spice Girls sat as a pack on the front row at Julien Maconald to watch Mel B take a spin on the catwalk with Kate Moss. Yep that happened. There was even some serious tooth-flashing from VB.

This is also the perfect opportunity to dig out some dusty black and white fashion week snaps. Check out the picture of a show in 1945 where guests wore hats and bow-ties and sat around tables. These days the best thing we get given to eat on the front row is a bag of popcorn or a stick of chewing gum. We could get used to fine dining next to the runway.

Check out our favourite FROW-ments in the gallery below...


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