Summer's Best Dressed 2014: Cracking Zoe Kravitz's Fashion Formula

By Hannah Almassi - 13 November 2014

Fashion News And Features Editor

Zoe Kravitz in one of her many casually cool ensembles [Rex]

Zoe Kravitz is a newcomer to Grazia’s biannual best dressed list, but we think you’ll agree, she’s a worthy contender with much more to offer…

We’re fairly certain that Miss Kravtiz is the only girl in the world genuinely hip enough to pull off this I-cut-it-and-bleached-it-myself scarecrow bob. Even when combined with red eye shadow at the Met Gala or in a holey ol’ t-shirt dress and backwards cap at Coachella, she’s still the most awesome in the room. Her recent promo tour with the Divergent film crew proved that she’s also the owner of rad red carpet style and we’re very much enjoying NYC sightings of Zoe hand in hand with her boyfriend, Noah Gabriel Becker (yes, that is Boris Becker’s son). Swoon.

So how does she do it? And so ruddy effortlessly? We’ve deciphered the following four fashion things…

1. She always adds something scruffy when she can get away with it: Whether that’s mussed up hair or scuffed up boots, Upper East Sider she ain’t. Don’t expect matchy matchy or a blow dry any time soon.

Scruffy but sassy with Noah Gabriel Becker in NYC [Rex]

2. When she does sexy, she does it simply. Case in point? A snakeprint bandeau crop top would be OTT on many, but with her plaited hair and minimal maxi skirt, it looks elegant.

Zoe's clever way of doing sexy [Rex]

3. Her makeup artist is really really great. We’re fairly certain ZK doesn’t need to trowel on the stuff, which is why her MUA must be a good’un. We like how she experiments with smoky eyes and barely-there lipsticks.

We'd like her makeup artist on call, please! [Rex]

4. Her jewellery remains the same. Whether living it up at Coachella or gracing a red carpet, Zoe’s trinket-box of jewellery pretty much remains the same. Piled on haphazardly, we imagine that each piece has a very significant, sentimental meaning.

ZK's simple but effective jewellery collection [Rex]



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