Shia LaBeouf's Girlfriend And Nymphomaniac Co-Star Mia Goth Poses For i-D Magazine: Here's What You Need To Know About Her

By Sophie Bew - 6 November 2014

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Shia LaBeouf's Girlfriend And Nymphomaniac Co-Star Mia Goth Poses For i-D Magazine: Here's What You Need To Know About Her

Shia LaBeouf started dating Mia Goth shortly after they worked together on Lars Von Trier’s newest boundary-pushing movie Nymphomaniac. The super risqué film that features real sex scenes is set to get tongues wagging when it’s released in the UK at the end of this month, and so is Mia. I-D magazine just shot her swathed in Prada, for their latest issue and with her star clearly on the rise - here’s what you need to know about the 20-year-old Londoner:

She’s a model

Or she was before her first movie role. Mia was discovered by stylist Gemma Booth at the young age of 15.

She’s half-Brazilian and half-Canadian

Mia was born in London, but she moved straight to Brazil and lived there until she was 6-years-old when she returned to the UK and settled in Lewisham, London. She has many boltholes across the globe though, from her dad’s waterside pad in Canada where she learnt her lines for Nymphomaniac, to relatives’ abodes in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It's ok for some.

She makes her acting debut in Nymphomaniac

It’s Danish filmmaker Lars Von Trier’s latest work. He’s famed for his incredibly provocative and intense movies from Melancholia (2011, starring Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg, deeply troubled sisters who face the end of the world as a meteorite strikes earth) to Anti-Christ (2009, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Defoe try to kill one another in a cabin in the woods after their baby dies, unattended, during an extremely graphic sex scene – all this before the credits even roll. It received loud boos at Cannes…). Always raw, graphic and often dubbed misogynistic, his movies are guaranteed to divide opinion.

Nymphomaniac proves to be no exception – a 2-part epic equalling over five hours in total, it explores the life of sex addict and sadomasochist Joe, played by Charlotte Gainsbourg. The character revisits accounts of her depravity to Seligman, Stellan Skarsgard, who has brought her home after she’s brutally beaten in the street. As you might expect the plot is driven by a plentitude of sex scenes, but as you may not expect, they are all real sex. Mia Goth plays Joe’s nympho protégé ’P’ who is taken under the lead’s wing both maternally and sexually. Quite the feat for 20-year-old Goth’s debut.


She's dating hot Hollywood property

Mia met actor Shia LaBeouf on the set of Nymphomaniac. They’ve since been papped together endlessly, whilst shopping in grocery stores in Los Angeles, picking up Starbucks in New York and walking along the beach in Rio. “Like birds in a tree,” she described the paps to I-D Magazine. Having never confirmed their coupledom she simply talks of ‘we’ throughout the interview. “We went to Rio over Christmas […] I have family over there. We went down to Copacabana beach for New Year’s Eve – apparently there were 2.5 million people there. We partied right down the beach and everyone was dancing – one minute samba and the next minute electro. You could walk into the sea as the fireworks went off.”

She had some seriously sexual scenes with Charlotte Gainsbourg

Mia says: “P [her character] had never known love, so she mistakes everything for sexual love. I was very deep into that character, so the sex scenes came very naturally. It helped that Charlotte’s a girl, so we both knew what we were doing.”

Mia Goth shot by Angelo Pennetta and styled by Victoria Young for I-D Magazine

She’s been showing Shia the sights of South London

...and he’s reportedly been getting into fights in her mum’s local, head-butting a rowdy drinker in The Hobgoblin in New Cross.

She wants to be an actress

Mia told I-D magazine, “I want to be a woman who has a little bit more figured out, who doesn’t have so many doubts […] And then I would like to have a whole list of directors I have worked with – Woody Allen, Paul Thomas Anderson […] I just want to act. And I want to be good. And I want to be happy, and I think that’s it.”

Expect to see lots more of her very photogenic face, soon.

For now, check out our Mia Goth gallery below...


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