SBC Trainer Russell Bateman Shares His Top Exercises For Firming Up Your Shoulders, Legs, Belly And Bum This Awards Season

By Julia Fernandez - 10 November 2014

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SBC Trainer Russell Bateman Shares His Top Exercises For Firming Up Your Shoulders, Legs, Belly And Bum This Awards Season

Bjork's Oscars 2001 swan dress aside, awards season has traditionally been a sophisticated affair, with A-listers walking the red carpet in frothy couture gowns and elegant up dos. However, this season stars have become a little more daring with their flesh flashing, pushing the boundaries at black tie events. The rise of the side bum trend has made it ok to expose a sliver of derriere, while Angelina Jolie's leggy moment in THAT Versace dress caused a fashion thunderstorm like no other, with her lower limb even accumulating its own fake twitter account. And let's not even talk about side boob action.

Of course this leaves attendees with more to think about than whether to match their lipstick to their nails, as shoulder shaping, butt busting and abdominal crunches may be required before taking that tentative step into the spotlight. If you’re preparing to bare, check out our expert tips from SBC trainer Russell Bateman – a man who puts supermodels through their paces with an adrenaline pumping mix of sprints, primal movements and healthy eating...

'Here are a some of my signature SBC movements that I perform with clients to get them ready to hit the catwalk, red carpet or movie set. I've combined the exercises with top supplement tips to illicit the best results...'

1. Shoulders and Arms

Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence and Charlize Theron [Getty]

I utilise lots of primal movements in SBC training sessions. You will see supermodels and actresses walking like monkeys with resistance bands attached as well as mimicking animal crawling. Crawling works the arms so well and I often include crawl sparring between two girls to fire up the nervous system and really hit the upper body. It's great for the triceps and shoulders.

Leaner arm supplement tip: Grape seed oil. It can help combat toxins when applied to the triceps.

Russell Bateman / Instagram

2. Tummy

Emily Blunt, Kerry Washington, Gwyneth Paltrow [Getty]

Sprints are the best exercise. You have abdominals, there's just a fine layer of body fat minimising their appearance. Sprinting as fast as you can will burn fat more efficiently then an hour poodling away on the x-trainer. Squat, deadlift and get a good nights sleep, too. Remember no exercise will outperform a poor diet. Try some core work with our SBC plank crawls. A few sets of these will work your whole tummy area:

Russell Bateman / Instagram

Tummy supplement tip: Green tea! Drink it or supplement with the extract. It's a great fat burning stimulant and has a myriad of health benefits.

3. Legs

Jennifer Lopez, Alessandra Ambrosio and Solange Knowles [Getty]

Single leg burpees and SBC crawl jumps are super intense, but will hit your legs in all the right places. Challenge yourself with different variations of exercises and keep your muscles guessing. Don't bore your body because it will switch off and that's an awful scenario.

Russell Bateman / Instagram

You have to detoxify to shift the fat on your legs by eliminating excess oestrogen and toxins. Start consuming a diet high in fibre along with large amounts of cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and kale which contain diindolylmethane (or DIM) that helps your body get rid of excess oestrogen that could be making your legs bigger.

Russell Bateman / Instagram

Legs supplement tip: DIM. It can help clear excess oestrogen that many women build up from using too many cosmetics and other environmental factors. These can be just as bad for you as junk food.

4. Bum

Julianne Hough, Taylor Swift and Gwyneth Paltrow [Getty]

Single leg glute raises are very effective and extremely isolating. Great for sculpting the butt muscles.

Thrusters also increase power in the hips and mobility. 

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