Ripped Jeans: Has Kim Kardashian Taken It A Rip Too Far?

By Sophie Haslett - 18 November 2014

Contributing Writer

Ripped Jeans: Has Kim Kardashian Taken It A Rip Too Far?

This weekend Kim Kardashian did a Starbucks run in a white Balmain blazer, white tee and black-out sunnies (nothing new there) - but it was her jeans which got us talking. We're back to the 'ol 'how ripped is too ripped?' question. Kim's boyfriend jeans were seriously distressed, with square cut-outs above the knee, slashes at the hip and distressed hems. No word yet if this was Kim's own Kustomisation (sorry we couldn't help ourselves).


'Scuse the pun, but ripped jeans are tearing up the streets of the most stylish right now. Despite the cold and despite the rain, everyone from Rita Ora to Lady Gaga can't get enough of them. But if you fancy being more Winona Ryder than WTF read on to see our top three tips on how to wear the trend. Then click the gallery to see the celebs who have taken the look just a little bit too far. Remember bum rips are only ever acceptable on RiRi.

1. Ripped boyfriend styles look better than ripped skinnies

Unless you're channelling Victoria Beckham circa blonde crop era, a boyfriend/mom/girlfriend style of ripped jean will always look better than a skinny. Case in point is Poppy Delevingne, whose ripped pale denims looked ladylike when paired with stilettos and a statement coat at London Fashion Week this February.

2. Rips look best in places where jeans would rip naturally

Soz if this is an obvious one, but rips always look best at the knee, calf or anywhere where the denim would naturally rip. Extremists can always go to town with full-on cutouts, but even full-on cutouts look odd by the ankle. Jessica Alba's a good muse for leg to jean ratio. Understated and slouchy, her denims are the total dream.

3. Most important of all, make sure they fit you somewhere

Whether it's your waist, your hips or your legs, if all three are baggy you're gonna look pretty swamped. A good way to balance things out is to roll the leg length on the jean: by revealing a slim ankle you can instantly detract from an oversized silhouette. Fashion maths. Oversized jeans + slim ankle = totes flattering.

Now check the gallery for how NOT to wear the trend (sorry guys, you may be some of our favourites, but these just don't work...)


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