Wowzas! Rihanna Gets That Bikini Body Out

By Anna Dewhurst - 8 December 2014

Senior Picture Editor: Digital & Print

Wowzas! Our number one bikini queen, Rihanna took to Instagram today to share a snap of that bootilicious bikini body. Clad in a sparkly pink and orange two-piece, the pop princess got her pose on with erm, a pair of binoculars, aboard a luxury yacht. Binoculars aside, it's making us rather excited about the forecasted sunny weather and popping our own bikinis on, so what better time than now to compile the best insta-spiring (ha) bikini bodies from our favourite stars.

Number two bikini queen is undisputedly the leggy Ms Kendall Jenner, who mixes up her swimwear shots with back views, trampolines, mirror shots... confirming that this body works from all angles.

Aside from model figures, Rita Ora always looks fabulous on the beach and in a very achievable way too. And when we say achievable, we mean thanks to a gazillion hours in the gym. City girl Rita rarely turns down a chance to showcase those fine abs in crop tops, but when she does pour her figure into a bikini, we really see how stomach crunches could pay off. If we actually did them. Ahem.

Lastly, props must go to Margherita Missoni for that impressive post-baby tum, which she proudly displayed in a vertible Instagram swimwear shoot. How she has got this toned so quickly makes the mind boggle.

Click through the gallery above to see the best bikini bodies on Instagram >>


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