Right Dress, Wrong Shoes: How To Not Have A Footwear Faux Pas

By Hannah Almassi - 5 December 2014

Fashion News And Features Editor

We’ve all been there. Right dress, wrong shoes: it’s a crime against fashion that’s all too easy to stumble into. We’ve long thought about this wardrobe conundrum when poring over pap pics: Taylor Swift, with such long Bambi legs could wear any outfit and still look like a complete All American goddess, but her nice clothing choices are often let down by bizarre footwear. Her pins are splendiferous, so let’s not put them to waste with an ugly ankle-strapped midi-heel court shoe in scuffed up green suede.

Another example? Cressida’s lovely Reformation dress that she chose for the marriage of Arabella Llewellyn and Thomas Burwel earlier this month was let down on this occasion by a pair of heels that were A.) too clompy and B.) too fussy. And dare we say it; Kate Middleton is perhaps the most regular offender of them all. We wholly understand the uniform-like restrictions imposed by her regal position, but we’re certain those surprisingly quite stacked cork wedges are not practical in the slightest.

Occasionaly a wrong’un in the shoe department can be a subversive way to bring edge to an otherwise twee look – just think of the extensive sneaker action with little frocks on the streets today or the Birkenstock comeback - but in the gallery above you can scroll through a selection of unsuccessful toe-ments alongside our suggestions of what shoe would sideside a foot-related faux pas.


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