As We Prepare For Coachella To Flood Instagram, Take Our Festival Style Quiz

By Contributor - 12 November 2014



It's that time of year again: this weekend your Instagram feed will be flooded with all things Coachella. From embellished cut-offs to 70s-inspired kimonos, Coachella style is unique, right? Well we'll see...

We're putting your festival fashion knowledge to the test. Reckon you can tell the difference between Rita Ora's Coachella wardrobe and her UK festival style? Can you work out what Alexa Chung would wear to Glasto compared to what's in her bag for the US event? 

We've rounded up some of our favourite style snaps from Coachella and Glastonbury over the years - all you need to do is tell us where they're from.

Reckon you can tell your Coachella style from your Glastonbury fashion? Try our quiz and let us know your score on Facebook or Twitter...


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