Nicki Minaj Style - Best Dresses & Outfits

By Contributor - 19 November 2014


Nicki Minaj Style - Best Dresses & Outfits

That Nicki Minaj, she certainly keeps us on our toes. One day she's doing her best impression of Disney villain Cruella De Vil and the next she's on the red carpet in red robes accompanied by a Pope lookalike. Seeing is believing! You've got to give her props for her creative costumes - like Gaga and Heidi Klum we bet she doesn't have any trouble concocting the perfect trick or treat disguise at Halloween.

After careful study of some of Nicki's craziest fashion moments it’s become clear to us that this artist likes to work with a theme. Her inspiration comes from all sources, including cupcakes, candyfloss, lobsters, poodles and presents, but there’s always something that she resembles.


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